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  I want to do some grading / grubbing / stockpiling, what do I have to do?
  I need a streetlight on the road near my house, what do I do?
  A street light on my street is flickering or went out, who do I call?
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County of Kauai - Department of Public Works
Engineering Division - Design & Permitting

4444 Rice Street, Suite 175
Lihue, Hawaii 96766-1340


Fax: 241-6609

Hours of Operation: 7:45a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Monday thru Friday, except state and county holidays.
Forms, Applications and Instructions  Forms, Applications and Instructions Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize (Kb)Description
Agricultural Exemption Form 3/3/20149.52Ordinance 808 Agricultural Exemption Form
Agriculture Building Exemption Form 3/3/2014154.62Act 203 - Agriculture Building Exemption Form
Application For Notice of Intent (NOI) to Grade and Grub 1/3/200712.87 
Best Management Practices (BMP'S) for Sediment and Erosion Control 2/25/20112,883.15The purpose of this manual is to provide a guide for the selection of site-specific Best Management Practices (BMP'S) that need to be employed in all grading, grubbing, and stockpiling work as mandated by Ordinance 808.
Certification of a "No-Rise" Determination 3/23/2010868.18Certification form to be completed by a registered Professional Engineer for proposed floodway development. The form certifies that the proposed development will not result in any loss of flow conveyance during the 100-year flood.
DPW-ENGR Form A 1/3/200712.13 
Flood Ordinance No. 831 10/25/20101,120.21Flood Plain Management Ordinance in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program
Grading Permit Cash Bond 6/6/200770.73 
Grading Permit Deposit Agreement 6/6/200771.95 
Grading Permit Surety Bond 6/6/200715.46 
Road Permit Application 12/12/200777.13 
Sediment and Erosion Control Ordinance No. 808 9/5/20071,356.21Kauai County Code 1987 Relating to Grading, Grubbing & Stockpiling
Speed Hump Administrative Procedures 8/29/201311.30 
Standard Construction Notes for Subdivisions 8/30/2013106.59water pollution and erosion control notes; dust control; environmental control notes
Grading Permit ApplicationPermit Applications1/3/200729.49 
Grubbing Permit ApplicationPermit Applications1/3/200726.35 
Stockpiling Permit ApplicationPermit Applications1/3/200726.37 
Speed Hump ApplicationPermit Applications / Speed Humps1/3/200716.45 
Collector Streets by CountySpeed Humps1/3/200764.40 
Collector Streets by State DOTSpeed Humps1/3/200770.99 
Documentation of Citizen Support Form for Speed HumpsSpeed Humps1/3/200739.92 
Speed Hump GuidelinesSpeed Humps1/3/200733.33 
Standard Project Title Sheet for SubdivisionsSubdivisions1/3/2007548.59Project title sheet for subdivision projects
Subdivision Plan ChecklistSubdivisions1/3/2007460.29County of Kauai Subdivision Plan Checklist