Event Loaner Program Overview

This program was developed by the County Recycling Office with the public in mind. We loan out free HI5 recycling containers for special events on Kauaʻi, whether it be for a community event or family celebration. The bins have been provided through a grant from the State Department of Health with funds generated by the DBC (Deposit Beverage Container) grant and are meant to collect HI5 aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers. Please see below for program details.

Event Loaner Bin Program

County of Kauaʻi
HI5 Loaner Bin Program

Hi-5 Loaner Event Bins are loaned out to the public free of charge.  Below are the policies and procedures for loaning out the bins:

  • Bins are for short term loan only (up to a week).  Contact the Recycling Office regarding obtaining permanent HI5 bins for your school or non-profit.
  • Bins may be loaned out for any special event, including events coordinated by non-profits, businesses, and residents.
  • Bins are for the collection of HI5 glass, plastic, and aluminum only, and cannot be used to collect trash or other items.
  • HI5 bins should be located adjacent to trash cans to reduce the possibility of contamination.
  • If you need additional trash bins for your event, they are available for loan in limited quantities.
  • The County of Kauai also recommends hosting "Zero Waste" events which maximize waste diversion and include organics diversion. For assistance coordinating a Zero Waste event, please contact Zero Waste Kaua‘i’s Pat Gegen at (808)635-2081 or psgegen@hotmail.com.
  • If you are coordinating a Zero Waste event and will be collecting compostable organics, green bins are available for loan.
  • Reservations are required to guarantee the availability of bins and a Recycling Specialist for dispersion of bins. As a courtesy, please reserve bins at least one week in advance.
  • Bins are available for pickup at our Resource Center at 3460 Ahukini road. Bin delivery to event sites is not available.
  • Bins must be returned cleaned and rinsed. We recommend a liner (trash bag) to keep bins clean and facilitate the transport of HI5 material.
  • All materials collected in the bins is the property of the event coordinators and not the County of Kaua‘i. Coordinators are responsible for all managing recyclables, compostables, and trash generated at the event.
  • Bins must be returned within one week after the event, unless there are extenuating circumstances which have been communicated to the Recycling Office.
  • If bins are lost or stolen, the event coordinator will follow up to try to retrieve them. Coordinators may be responsible for the replacement of lost or stolen black trash bins and green composting bins.
  • The County reserves the right to revoke the privilege of loaning bins to agencies that do not comply with program procedures, or that lose bins on more than one occasion.
  • For all other questions, comments, and reservations contact Leah Tischler at (808)241-5112 or ltischler@kauai.gov.