Transit Advisory Committee

This page contains documents relevant to the Transit Advisory Committee.

On January 16, 2015, April 17, 2015, July 24, 2015, October 16, 2015, February 19, 2016, April 15, 2016, and January 20, 2017 there were not enough members to have a quorum. As a result, there were no formal meeting minutes recorded.

Meeting Minutes

TAC Minutes 7/29/16Minutes93.55 KB
TAC Minutes 10/17/14Minutes83.79 KB
TAC Minutes 7/11/14Minutes86.82 KB
TAC Minutes 4/11/14Minutes87.86 KB
TAC Minutes 1/17/14Minutes85.46 KB
TAC Minutes 10/18/13Minutes89.29 KB
TAC Minutes 7/19/2013Minutes138.77 KB
TAC Minutes 4/18/2013Minutes87.03 KB
TAC Minutes 01/18/2013Minutes58.00 KB
TAC Minutes 10/26/2012Minutes56.00 KB

Ridership Reports