Life's Choices Kauai - Empowering our community to be drug-free.

Advisory Committees


Life's Choices Kauai oversees and supports the effort of four Advisory Committees that provide assistance in finding solutions to the drug problem and serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor. These committees have been developed to pursue solutions in dealing with the island-wide drug problem and are comprised of representatives from government, social service agencies, judiciary, education, community, and businesses as outlined below:

Mayor's Advisory Committee organizational tree

Drug Action Team

The Drug Action Team (DAT) monitors and oversees the implementation of the goals, action steps, and timelines contained in the Kauai Community Drug Response Plan 2008-2013. The DAT is comprised of the Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons from each of the four committees: Prevention, Enforcement, Treatment and Integration. The Life's Choices Kauai Coordinator serves as its Chair and facilitator.


Drug Action Team:

  • Theresa C. Koki, CPS, Life's Choices Kaua'i Coordinator, Life's Choices Kaua'i, Office of the Mayor
  • Melinda Montgomery, Prevention Committee Chair, Program Coordinator, Hale Kipa
  • Maile Murray, CSAC, Prevention Committee Vice Chair, Substance Abuse Counselor, Child and Family Services
  • Tina Higashi, Enforcement Committee Chair, Supervisor, Judiciary, Juvenile Client and Family Services Branch
  • Timothy Tobin, Enforcement Committee Vice Chair, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, County of Kaua'i, Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
  • Merrily Worrel, Treatment Committee Chair, Community Volunteer
  • Margaret Smith, Treatment Committee Vice Chair, Child and Family Services
  • Jack Viohl, Integration Committee Chair, Human Services Professional, Kaua'i Community Corrections Center
  • John Adkins, Integration Committee Vice Chair, Life Coach, Love the Journey


Prevention Committee

The Prevention Committee serves as a central body to reduce and prevent drug abuse on Kauai through awareness, education and action. The group meets monthly to discuss how to implement planned activities, monitor and coordinate all funding opportunities, prevention programs and address island-wide issues to build stronger families and foster a healthier community.

In 2010, the Committee successfully responded to a $1.2 million Strategic Prevention Framework Grant Proposal to fund and provide evidence based prevention programs for Kauai.


Prevention Committee:

  • Angela Agustin, Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, Līhu'e
  • Harold Ames, Child and Family Services
  • Alton Amimoto, Kauai Drug Court
  • William "Bill" Arakaki, State of Hawaii, Department of Education 
  • LaVerne Bishop, Hale Opio Kauai, Inc.
  • Polly Brun-Lee Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center
  • Sgt. Ken Carvalho, Kauai Police Department
  • Kaui Castillo, Queen Lili‘uokalani Children's Center
  • Cynthia Chiang, Planned Parenthood
  • Mason Chock, Kauai Team Challenge
  • Erin Cobb-Adams, Alu Like, Inc.
  • Ryhe Daub, Hale Kipa
  • Dory Farias, Hale Hoomalu – Child & Family Service
  • Kaulana Finn, Kauai Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Lionel Gonsalves, DNLR
  • Roy Goo, UH Hilo- Department of Pharmacy Practive
  • Nancy Graf, DOE- Kapaa Middle School
  • Renae Hamilton, YWCA
  • Brenda Jose, Kekaha Community
  • Gina Kaulukukui, Life's Bridges
  • Lila Metzger, Kauai Underground Artists
  • Larry Moises, County of Kauai, Liquor Control
  • Melinda Montgomery, Hale Kipa (Circle of Light)
  • Bricen Moritsugu, Alu Like, Inc.
  • Maile Murray, E Ala Hou, Child & Family Services
  • Kevin Myrick, Wilcox Memorial Hospital
  • Lani Nagao, McKenna Recovery Center
  • Alfred Nebre, KEO, Inc.
  • Mary Ann Ornellas, Hale Opio Kauai, Inc.
  • Mark Ozaki, Kauai Police Department, SRO
  • Kahea Peters, Parenting Central Kauai
  • Nicki Pignoli, Kīlauea Neighborhood Association
  • Lynn Pizzitola, Hale Kipa
  • Vonn Ramos, Hina Mauka Teen Care
  • Gerald Rapozo, County of Kauai, Liquor Control
  • Cara Sadira, Child and Family Services
  • Lahea Salazar, Hawaii About Face!  The Paxen Group
  • Leialoha Sanchez, YWCA Youth Service
  • Anela Sergreti, Hale Opio Kauai, Inc.
  • John Sotelo, Hina Mauka Teen Care
  • Martin Steinhaus, Kauai Drug Court
  • Bryson Vivas, Alu Like, Inc.
  • Deann Yamaguchi, Central Coalition


Enforcement Committee

The Enforcement Committee meets to discuss a full range of drug-related matters and is responsible for implementing the Kauai Community Drug Response Plan to provide a coordinated focus for development of strategies that can minimize the harmful effects of drugs use on Kauai. The committee's work also focuses on the complex drug and alcohol issues, existing policies and works cohesively to implement policy changes and testimony to State lawmakers.

As part of its efforts, the Committee submitted testimony in opposition to the several bills relating to the decriminalization of marijuana during the 2011 Legislative Session. In addition, the Committee assisted the formulation a statewide informational brochure regarding the risks of marijuana use.


Enforcement Committee: 

  • Roy Asher, Kauai Police Department
  • Johnette Chun, Kauai Police Department
  • Mike Contrades, Kauai Police Department
  • Barry DeBlake, Kauai Police Department SRO
  • Kimberly Foster, Adult Client Services
  • Lionel Gonsalves, Department of Land and Natural Resources
  • Russell Goo, Attorney General’s Office Kauai
  • Tina Higashi, Juvenile Client and Family Services
  • Karen Kapua, Kauai Police Department
  • Justin Kollar, Prosecuting Attorney
  • David Lam, Office of the Chief Court Administrator
  • Tori Ann Laranio, Kauai Drug Court
  • Ranee Layosa, Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
  • Lorenzo Moises, Department of Liquor Control
  • Jason Overmyer, Kauai Police Department, Traffic
  • Mark Ozaki, Kauai Police Department
  • Sherwin Kaleo Perez, Kauai Police Department
  • Chief Darryl Perry, Kauai Police Department
  • Joseph Savino, Kauai Drug Court, Judiciary
  • Jon Takamura, Kauai Police Department, Traffic
  • Timothy Tobin, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Kari Yamashiro, Juvenile Client and Family Services


Treatment & Community Integration Committee

The Treatment & Integration Committee works to develop local access to affordable, effective drug treatment, expand treatment and aftercare services, and support. The Committee’s work continues on identifying gaps in services and priorities in the continuum of care, and developing the core functions of the agency that will afford it the ability to influence and enhance access, capacity and effective service delivery in the State.

The Committee held numerous video and tele-conferences with treatment providers and experts throughout the State to discuss the establishment of an Adolescent Drug Treatment Facility on Kauai. In addition, the Committee escorted the Mayor and others on a site visit to the Kauai Community Correctional Center to interview inmates regarding development of desired services upon their re-entry into community.

A location for a potential adolescent residential drug treatment facility has been identified on Kauai and Families First Hawaii was contracted and completed an assessment for the feasibility for this location. For more information about this center, click here:

 Treatment Center brochure

Article in The Garden Island newspaper


Treatment & Community Integration Committee:

  • Meg Betzen, Jack's Place
  • Mason Chock, Kauai Team Challenge
  • Kimberly Cummings, Women In Need
  • Jim Dubuar, McKenna Recovery Center
  • Araceli Gonzalez, CSAC
  • Henry Granda, LCSW, Hoola Lahui Hawaii - Kauai Community Health Center
  • Bryan Grey, Live Again and Walk
  • Julie Hayward, Community Mental Health Center – Kauai
  • Madeleine Hiraga-Nuccio, Department of Human Services, Kauai Family Guidance Center
  • Ronnie-Lynn Lemn, Kauai Intake Service Center
  • Tom Lindsey, Kauai Community Correctional Center
  • Mardi Maione, CSAC
  • Remi Meints, Ahu Waiwai
  • Cathy Moe, Community Volunteer
  • Arvin Montgomery, Love the Journey 
  • Troy Morikawa, Kauai Drug Court
  • Maile Murray, Child & Family Service
  • Lani Nagao, McKenna Recovery Center
  • Paul Ochoa, CSAC, Department of Veterans Affair 
  • Vonn Ramos, Hina Mauka Teen Care
  • William “Bill” Range, Parents and Children Together 
  • Mario Reyes, Salvation Army
  • Jacklyn Schofield, Department of Human Services
  • Margaret Smith, Child & Family Service 
  • Charlotte Souza, Independent
  • Stephen Spears, Kauai Habitat for Humanity
  • Clayton Sui, Kauai Community Correctional Center 
  • Jennifer Tone, Kauai Drug Court
  • Deborah Ullman, Department of Education
  • Jack Viohl, Kauai Community Correctional Center
  • Neal Wagatsuma, Kauai Community Correctional Center
  • Merrily Worrell, Community Volunteer 
  • Alex Young, U-Turn for Christ