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The anti-drug.

Image of 4-prong anti-drug approach
The County of Kaua'i Anti-Drug Program office partners with and serves you, the community, our 'ohana to address our island-wide drug problem. Using a four-prong approach that incorporates prevention, enforcement, treatment and integration, the Kaua'i Anti-Drug Program office is dedicated to continuing to serve the County and its residents, as it has since February 2003, following the County Council's unanimously-passed resolution No. 2003 14, drafted in support of the late former Mayor Bryan Baptiste's community-based vision. Together, we are the answer, the antidote, the anti-drug.

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Pregnant and Need Help?



Pregnant and using? 
Or just in need of help? 
You have options. (click here to learn more)

Perinatal Support Services is a service for all pregnant women.  Island-wide referral services are FREE to help pregnant women like you get the services you need to have a healthy baby.

Click here for Perinatal Support Service Information.

Here’s how to keep your baby:

  1. Get regular prenatal care.
  2. Do not smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy.
  3. If you are using drugs, get help now to show you are trying.
  4. Make sure you get help from responsible relatives and friends to make your home a safe and nurturing place for your new baby.


If you are still in need of assistance, there are many organizations who would love to help!


Child and Family Services: E Ala Hou: "Rise Up Anew".  Substance abuse treatment for pregnant or parenting women.  Services offered include: motivational enhancement, case management, outpatient treatment, and recovery/continuing care.


Still looking for more help?  Call these numbers:


HINA MAUKA (Substance Abuse Treatment)
KE ALA PONO (Substance Abuse Treatment)
YWCA (Domestic Violence/Alternatives to Violence)
·         East Unit (Wailua to Kē'ē Road)
·         Central Unit (Hanamā'ulu to Līhu'e)
·         West Unit (Puhi to Mānā)