Ordinance 902 Introduction

In August 2010, the County adopted Ordinance 902, which bans the landfill disposal of commercially generated loads exceeding 10% corrugated cardboard, 10% ferrous and non-ferrous metal, or 10% green waste by volume. Businesses and garbage haulers that deliver loads to the landfill that exceed the 10% limit by volume for the specified items will be subject to load rejection and potential penalties from the County.

All businesses that generate corrugated cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, or green waste need to develop recycling programs to separate these materials from their trash. If businesses have private garbage service, they should contact their hauler for information on separation and hauling of these materials. While the County is enforcing the Ordinance at the landfill and penalizing garbage haulers directly, haulers will be passing fines for non-compliance on to their customers that are in violation.

Where to Recycle Prohibited Material

Clean corrugated cardboard is accepted for recycling free of charge at the Kauai Resource Center located on Ahukini Road in Lihue. For more information, call 245-4600. Large loads of cardboard can be taken to Garden Isle Disposal (GID) located on Niumalu Road in Lihue. For more information on GID’s recycling operation, call 245-2372. Please note that commercial cardboard may only be delivered to the facilities mentioned here, and the Kauai Recycles Drop Bins are not for commercial use.

Corrugated cardboard that is soiled, wet, or otherwise contaminated cannot be recycled. Businesses and haulers are required to collect and store cardboard separately from waste, and keep it clean and dry in order to prevent contamination on an ongoing basis. If corrugated cardboard does become contaminated after preventative measures are put in place, it must be separated from the rest of the load and disposed. Call the County at 241-4837 for further information and approval to dispose of contaminated corrugated cardboard.

Ferrous metal is accepted for recycling at Puhi Metals Recycling on Puhi Road in Puhi. Fees apply. Call 245-6919 for more information. Non-ferrous is accepted for recycling at Reynold’s Recycling on Wilcox Street in Lihue. Non-ferrous metal usually holds a redemption value, call Reynold’s at 245-7233 for pricing.

Clean loads of green waste may be deposited at Kauai Nursery in Puhi. Tipping fees of $10 per cubic yard will apply. Call 245-7747 for further information. Green waste may also be deposited at Heart and Soul Organics in Moloa’a. Tipping fees of $10 per cubic yard will apply. Call 823-1007 for further information.


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