Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) of Materials Recycling Facility for County of Kaua'i

The County has completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a Materials Recycling Facility for County of Kaua'i.
The proposed project is to construct and operate a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at the site of the County's Kaua'i Resource Center located at 3460 Ahukini Road, Lihuʻe. The facility would accept, sort, process, and recycle clean, source-separated recyclable materials.

The County of Kauaʻi desires to modify its current Kauaʻi Resource Center facility for the important purpose of substantially increasing the amount of recycling of materials on the Island and decreasing the Island's dependence on landfill disposal. The Facility would expand the County's capacity to receive large quantities of clean, source-separated recyclables delivered by recycling program collection vehicles as well as by the public and to process and recycle the materials. The proposed MRF is needed to supply the capacity to accept, process, and market the future quantities of recyclable materials. A summary of the proposed project and its potential environmental impacts and benefits are presented in the Environmental Assessment.

Please review the Environmental Assessment (EA), Attachments to the EA, and MRF Conceptual Design