Hazards, Climate and Environment Program. Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Cover Page
Executive Order Sustaining Kaua'i County as a Disaster Resilient Community
Executive Summary, Evaluation and Documentation of Changes
Table of Contents
Local Mitigation Plan Crosswalk

Chapter 1: Introduction to Hazard Mitigation in Kaua'i

Chapter 2: Planning Process
Appendix 1: Public Awareness Meetings
Appendix 2: Interview Questions
Appendix 3: Contractors Association of Kaua'i Ongoing Mitigation Activities
Appendix 4: Contractors Association of Kaua'i Seminars
Appendix 5: Po'ipu Beach Resort Association
<Chapter 2 Appendix 1 to 5 (0.2MB)>

Chapter 3: Hazard Identification
Appendix 1: Hazard Maps for the County of Kaua'i
Appendix 2: Kaua'i Shoreline Erosion Maps
Appendix 3: Drought Vulnerability Maps for the County of Kaua'i
Appendix 4: State Regulated Dams in the County of Kaua'i
Appendix 5: Kaua'i County Tsunami & Flood Inundation Maps
<Chapter 3 Appendix 1 (2.6MB)>
<Chapter 3 Appendix 2 (12.3MB)>
<Chapter 3 Appendix 3 (5.4MB)>
<Chapter 3 Appendix 4 (9.8MB)>
<Chapter 3 Appendix 5 (3.5MB)>

Chapter 4: Kaua'i County Assets
Appendix 1: Oceanic Time Warner Cable-Most Critical Restoration Path
Appendix 2: Wailua Facility Plan, Dept. Public Works
<Chapter 4 Appendix 1 and 2 (0.1MB)>

Chapter 5: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Appendix 1: Maps of Critical Facilities at Risk
Appendix 2: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Maps
Appendix 3: Tables of Facilities and Populations at Risk
Appendix 4: Risk and Vulnerability for Tsunami Hazards in the County of Kaua'i
Appendix 5: Kaua'i County Tsunami Study of Risk
<Chapter 5 Appendix 1 (3.4MB)>
<Chapter 5 Appendix 2 Part 1 (7.4MB)>
<Chapter 5 Appendix 2 Part 2 (6.8MB)>
<Chapter 5 Appendix 3 (1.5MB)>

Chapter 6: Current Mitigation Practices and Policies
Appendix 1: Kaua'i County Flood Ordinances
Appendix 2: Safe Room Ordinance
Appendix 3: State Law - Hawai'i Coastal Zone Management Act
Appendix 4: Kaua'i County Geographical Information Systems
Appendix 5: Best Practices as Mitigation - Hanalei Watershed Hui
Appendix 6: Best Practices for Flood Mitigation-The CAK Home Show
Appendix 7: Disaster Response Plan, County of Kaua'i Transportation Agency
Appendix 8: You Can! Safety & Readiness Guide for Kaua'i Seniors
Appendix 9: Community Wildfire Protection Plan for the County of Kaua'i 
<Chapter 6 Appendix 1 to 9 (3.6MB)>

Chapter 7: Mitigation Strategy
Appendix 1: Hazard Mitigation Project Proposals, 2010
Appendix 2: County of Kaua'i Drought Mitigation Strategies
Appendix 3a: NFIP Summary Table
             3b:  Letter requesting CAV follow-up visit
             3c:  Letter requesting assistance for the levees
<Chapter 7 Appendix 1 to 3 (4.1MB)>

Chapter 8: Plan Maintenance Procedures
County of Kaua'i Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan, 2010 Update