Tourism Support

Product Enrichment Programs:  Programs having to do with supporting Kauai as a prime destination. This includes diversifying what we offer as a visitor destination as well as helping to mitigate problems common to tourism destinations as well as ones unique to Kauai.  Most funded projects in the past include festivals and special events held here on Kauai.  Grant programs run on the calendar year for HTA funds and fiscal year for County funds.
In an effort to work on projects enhancing our product, we recently worked with funding from the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the County of Kauai as well as hours of in-kind service from private and public groups to rejuvenate the famed Fern Grotto.  This was a first of its kind project done to bring County, State and Private partnerships together to work on a Park project in this area.

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Safety of our visitors and kamaaina continues to be one of the tourism industry’s top priorities.  OED-Tourism has been working with ocean safety experts on the production of information for the visitor before they come on vacation as well as information for them to pick up after they arrive.  The website information product can be seen at  This website as well as distributed beach safety guides and carefully placed ads in drive guides and other venues is part of the effort put out to inform our visitor on how to remain safe and alive during their precious vacation time.

Ambassador of Aloha Promotional Material Program: This program provides local Kauai residents with a limited amount of promotional items to take with them to the mainland to promote Kauai as a visitor destination. One request per team or event.   Items include Kauai Loves You buttons, stickers and magnets as well as other items.  Please call for a form to request items.  241-4946.

Greetings Program:  Hawaiian Music provided at the airport daily.

Travel Show Support:  We support between 2-4 consumer shows and the meetings (CMI) market promoting Kauai as a destination and Kauai products.  Currently we work with the Kauai Visitors Bureau each year to successfully fulfill the needs of this program.


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The County of Kaua'i, in partnership with the Hawai'i Tourism Authority, the visitor industry and the community at large, has adopted its Tourism Strategic Plan. We invite you to look at the TSP and the Action Plans that support a three-year implementation effort. Please note that the Action Plans are "living" documents that will be revised and updated as progress on the Plan is made.


Staff and managers from visitor industry businesses gathered at the Hilton Kauai Beach Resort on October 26, 2007 for the third conference on "Greening Kaua'i's Visitor Industry."

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Grant Opportunities

Yearly (as funds are available) from the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s (HTA) the County manages the County Product Enrichment Program (CPEP).  Approximately $400,000 a year of HTA money goes to the County to manage a program to enrich Kauai Visitor Product.  The County does also put funding into this program.  Events and projects are funded to help give the visitor more opportunities to extend their stay on Kauai.  Projects are solicited each Fall for the following calendar year.  The following is a sample of the timeline for the CPEP funding.  Please call for any further information needed. 241-4952.

Submit Proposal TBD: estim Aug-Oct 2015
Request additional information or documents, if needed to be announced
Checklist to initiate evaluation complete – all required documents received TBD
Assigned to appropriate Oversight Committee members for evaluation TBD
Evaluations received TBD
Compile staff recommendation TBD
Oversight Committee Vote TBD
Notification of Decision/Offer Sent TBD
Request Additional Documents and Acceptance of offer, if needed TBD
All documents incl. revised budget/proposal (if needed) received; begin approval/agreement process TBD
In-kind documentation turned in TBD


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