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On March 4, 2014, Tuesday, a traffic fatality occurred just south of Kilauea on Kuhio Highway that took the life of Mr. Sam Mitzel.   As a result, the roads were closed for about six hours while the investigation of the crime scene was being conducted.

Since that time, the Kauai Police Department has received several mean-spirited complaints related to the length of time of the road closure. The complaints ranged from KPD’s incompetence in conducting the investigation, not being able to go home to have dinner, to missing their favorite T.V. show. Other complaints related to missing flights to the mainland, to which I was very apologetic.

This was an unusual investigation because of its complexity. It was not an isolated scene.   As a result, the processing required an exorbitant amount of time to identify and recover all of the evidence. Additionally, the force of the impact presented logistical challenges that required a multi-departmental response.
Even with a rapid response team, coupled with the best trained officers, with technologically advanced equipment the difficulty the officers faced cannot be overstated.

For a lay person it is hard to understand what exactly KPD does at a crime scene and for that I can understand the frustration of not being able to get to where you want to go.

But we must also remember that even though we were inconvenienced, delayed, and may have missed our flight, we will still wake up tomorrow and be able to hug one another , to have another birthday, Christmas, and enjoy other very special moments with our families.

Those moments are no longer a reality for this young man, his family and friends; they alone will have to bare the loss and sorrow for the rest of their lives.

I have never shared any of these complaints with the victims’ families because I know it would break their hearts to think that people could be so indifferent, calloused, and heartless.

But they can be comforted in knowing that KPD’s mandate has always been to do what is right for the victim, and that would be to conduct the best investigation possible.   Otherwise, we would be just as culpable.

Darryl D. Perry
Chief of Police






The 4 identified departmental goals are our main priorities, but you should also know that they are not exhaustive. Each bureau, likewise, has internal objectives that contribute to the successes of this organization.
  1. We will continue to focus on our recruitment efforts on hiring Police Services Officers with emphasis on increasing gender ratios with the goal of hiring 3 or more qualified female officers.
  2. Community outreach to engage and empower our citizens is vitally important to reduce the feelings of fear and helplessness. We will do this by assuring them that crime is not out of control and dispel negative media reporting that distorts the fact that Kauai is the safest county in the State. In that regard a minimum of 5 meetings shall be held to address victimization and security concerns, especially with our aging population.
  3. The use and trafficking of illicit drugs has far reaching negative influences on our communities. Many of the most violent crimes have a nexus with illegal drugs: domestic violence, murders, assaults, and crimes against property such as burglaries and thefts. The Kauai Police Department understands the connection related to drug purveyors and our quality of life and is therefore committed to apprehend, disrupt, and dismantle at least 2 or more major Drug Trafficking Organization(s) operating within this jurisdiction.
  4. Traffic studies reveal that crashes nationwide account for almost $3 billion in losses because of medical and emergency services, lost earnings and household production, property damage, and lost quality of life. Annually 33,000-40,000 people die on our nation’s roadways. As such the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urges policymakers at all levels of government to make traffic safety a top priority. 
For the past 6 years, Kauai has recorded 45 crashes resulting in 50 fatalities. But, because traffic safety is a continuing priority with this administration, there is still cause to be optimistic as Kauai has the lowest number of traffic related fatalities of the four counties, by far. In keeping with this commitment there will be a concerted effort to reduce by 5 percent the total number of serious traffic crashes when measured against 2013. The strategic plan to decrease serious crashes will include greater enforcement efforts relating to adverse driver’s behaviors such as speeding, driving under the influence, reckless and distracted driving, and seatbelt and child restraints.

Universal Seat Belt Law

The attached is a copy of the amended Mandatory Use of Seat Belt Law HRS 291-11.6. This bill was passed on May 02, 2013. The driver shall be cited for each passenger not utilizing the provided seat belts. This will include the driver as well as the front seat passenger and rear passengers.


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New Requirements for Security Guards

State of Hawaii Requirements for Security Guards

Act 208


False Alarm Registration Form

The New False Alarm Bill is now available online. The answer to frequently asked questions can often be found in the ordinance. Please ensure that your application is completely filled out and signed before it is submitted. Incomplete applications will be returned. The $25.00 application fee needs to be submitted with the application.

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Scam Artist attempts to con Chief Darryl Perry

Click on the attached link to hear or read a transcript of how a scam artist unknowingly contacted Chief of Police Darryl Perry in an attempt to con him. This particular scam is known as a Nigerain Scam. In this scam,  a large amount of money is promised, but only after the victim wires them money first to cover any taxes or processing fees.

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Consumer Frauds and Scams |

The attached link gives tips on how to protect yourself from consumer frauds and scams, as well as current scams to be aware of.

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Surviving An Active Shooter Event

The following link shows different options to take when dealing with an active shooter scenario.

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The Hawaii Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation website

Hawaii Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation Home Page

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Dangers of Text Messaging and Driving

A video on The Dangers of Text Messaging and Driving

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Australian Drunk Driving Video
This is a link to an Australian Drunk Driving Video. Warning, some of the images are graphic. read more ...

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TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT 2011 2012   2013 2014
TOTAL MOVING 10629 8189 9730 1963
     SPEEDING 3673 1910 2472 570
     ALL OTHER MOVING 6956 6279 7258 1393
OVUII 221 232 259 54
MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICE (effective 5/23/10) 1166 870 999 136
TRUCK EQUIPMENT 286 153 146 113
     SEAT BELT 1598 864 1011 222
     CHILD RESTRAINT 162 72 47 7
FATALITIES 6       8       7 2


* statistical data as of March 31st, 2014.

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Photo of Chief Darryl Perry 


Aloha and welcome! Thank you for making the time to visit the Kauai Police Department's website. On our island-home we marvel at the beauty that surrounds us and we take pride in keeping Kauai a safe and peaceful community. But we also understand that there are social issues that require law enforcement presence. On October 1, 2007, I was sworn in as Kauai's 7th police chief, following in the footsteps of those who have blazed a trail of successes in safeguarding our citizens and visitors alike.


I look forward to the challenges that face us on a daily basis and have promised to move the Kauai Police Department toward a brighter future.


The Kauai Police Department's mission statement is the foundation of who we are and what we are about. We embrace community partnering to create a safer environment for our children and we are guided by the Hawaiian principle of PONO and the core values of Respect, Integrity, and Professionalism.


Our promise to you: We promise to treat each other with Respect and dignity. We promise to maintain uncompromising Integrity in our interactions with our community and in our personal lives. We promise to provide the highest level of Professionalism while on or off duty.


Please take your time to explore the information provided for you on our website. If you are a visitor to our island-home, visit our county website at and learn more about our rich history and diverse cultures. We are a unique community in that our early roots were derived from our plantation heritage; knitting many ethnicities and cultures together, forming who we are today.


The Aloha Spirit lives and is perpetuated throughout our community.


Again, mahalo for visiting us, and if you would like to offer suggestions on how we can provide better service or would just like to tell us something that's on your mind, please write or telephone at 241-1600.


E' Malama Pono, until we meet again,


Darryl D. Perry
Chief of Police
Kauai Police Department


“The Kauai Police Department envisions a community that is free from the fear of crime; where our citizens and visitors trust, believe, and have confidence that our employees shall provide the highest level of professional services.”




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