Recycle Coach for the County of Kauai

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The Recycle Coach app is a free program downloadable on most smartphones via the Itunes and Google Play stores.

It allows residents, visitors, and businesses to quickly find out how to recycle and dispose of different materials and items.

For those without smartphones, you can also access most of the apps functions at through a web app plugin.

Scan the QR code below or search the app store to download now.

Steps to using Recycle Coach

Recycle Coach is very simple to get up and running.

After installation follow these easy steps-

  1. Choose what type of user you are- Resident/Visitor or Business (Commercial)
    1. Residents and visitors may have different options for recycling and disposal than what businesses have.
  2. Fill in what town you live in or where your business is located. 
    1. If you live in a town with a ʻokina or kahakō in its name, type it in slowly, adding one letter at a time and allowing the autofill options to pull up your town. To add something like Kapaʻa, please type in "Kap" like the photo below.
  3. Finally choose which street you live on. You do not need a street number or a suffix like road, street, or place.

You're all set to go now!


What Can Recycle Coach Do?

  1. Recycle Coach let's you find out how to recycle and dispose of a multitude of different materials, just use the "What goes where?" feature and type in what you're looking for. Recycle Coach will tell you what to do and where to take it.
  2. Recycle Coach also allows you report any issues your having with recycling or trash service by using the "Report a Problem" option.
  3. The app also gives you up to date notification on program changes and closures like late trash service in your area or transfer station issues like green waste drop off availability and mechanical issues.