Fire Safety Trailer

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Fire Safety Event Calendar

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Fire Prevention Training Programs

Fire Extinguishers

This training program teaches participants about the use and limitations of a fire extinguisher. Participants will also learn about fire behavior, life safety, emergency notification, and home fire safety. Classes can be taught indoors using digital fire extinguisher training equipment, or outdoors with actual flame and pressurized water extinguishers. When combined with the Fire Safety Trailer, participants can practice fire extinguisher use in simulated kitchen fire scenarios.


Childhood Education

This training program teaches parents and children how to prepare their families for fire situations. Participants learn about emergency notification, escape routes, smoke detectors, fire behavior, fire escape plans, and safe meeting places. When combined with the Fire Safety Trailer, participants can practice reacting to a smoke filled room, with smoke alarm sounding. Participant can feel for heat on the door, and find a second way out if the door is blocked.

Kitchen Safety

The Fire Safety trailer interactive kitchen teaches participants proper placement of appliances, dealing with oven fires and stove top fires, fire behavior and extinguisher use. Participants will experience simulated smoking appliances, simulated flames and heat while trying to extinguish the fire.

Natural Disasters

This training program teaches participants how to prepare for natural disasters such as Hurricanes. The Fire Safety trailer allows participants to experience hurricane, flood, earthquake, or tornado simulations. These simulations may not be suitable for young children or participants with health conditions.