About the Office

The Office of the County Auditor was established as a result of an amendment to the Kaua‘i County Charter, proposed by the Kaua‘i County Council. The voters in the November 2008 General Election overwhelmingly approved the charter amendment.


The Auditor examines and evaluates the County’s financial condition and its agencies and programs. The County Auditor is appointed for a six-year term, and is subject to annual evaluations by the Kaua‘i County Council.

The County Auditor’s position was created to:

  • Provide better oversight on county spending and use of scarce county funds,
  • Enhance the checks and balances between the legislative and administrative branches of county government, and
  • Facilitate the conduct of the annual audit, operational and program audits, which provide cost and process improvements as well as conformity to government grant program reporting.

We are committed to conducting independent performance and financial audits of the funds, programs and operations of County agencies and departments to make certain financial and personnel resources are used wisely and appropriately.

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Office of the County Auditor

County of Kauaʻi, State of Hawaiʻi

Hale Pumehana Building

3083 Akahi Street, Room 201

Līhuʻe, Hawaiʻi 96766