Real Property Maps

The mapping of Hawaii was initiated in 1917 with the appropriation Act. A Branch was created for the purpose of making maps for the use of the tax assessors.

In 1932, a comprehensive plan for a coordinated mapping system was adopted. Its project included the mapping of the entire land area of the stat, drawing all tax maps on sheets of uniform size, and the creation of a key system.

The key system provided for the accounting of all properties based on location, boundaries, area and ownership.

The state was divided into four tax districts. This can be seen on the state wide map. The island of Kauai was designated as the Fourth Tax District of the State of Hawaii. The island of Kauai map was further broken down into five zones (shown in the map below). Zone 1 encompasses Waimea, Zone 2, Koloa, Zone 3, Lihue, Zone 4, Kawaihau and Zone 5, Hanalei.

Individual Plat maps can be obtained directly from the Real Property Assessment Office by placing an order.

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Map of the 5 zones of Kauai

5-Zone Map of Kauai