Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Transferring Ownership for Out-of-State Vehicles

If your vehicle was previously registered in another person’s name, you must record the ownership transfer in Hawaii and obtain Hawaii license plates.  To accomplish this transfer-registration, you must:

  • Complete and sign an Application for Registration, Form DF-L(MVR) 1.  If the vehicle is to be registered in two names, both parties must sign.
  • Submit the last issued Certificate of Registration that was issued out-of-state.
  • Submit the out-of-state Certificate of Ownership/Title signed by the seller.  If the Certificate of Ownership/Title is not signed, a notarized bill of sale must accompany the Certificate of Ownership/Title.  If a lien holder appears on the Certificate of Ownership/Title, a lien satisfaction letter or the original canceled contract stamped “PAID IN FULL” must accompany the Certificate of Ownership/Title to remove the lien holder.
  • Submit a bill of lading (shipping receipt) showing the vehicle’s date of entry in Lihue.  This is not required if the vehicle has a current Out-of-State Vehicle permit on its back bumper.
  • Submit a current Hawaii Vehicle Inspection Certificate.
  • Submit a G-27 form filed with the State Dept. of Taxation.
  • If you are a non-resident active duty military service member, submit a properly completed Non-Resident Certificate, Form DF-L(MVR) 50, for each vehicle being registered.  Form DF-L(MVR) 50 is available from your military personnel office or your military unit.

Registration personnel will determine the required fee.  If the weight of the vehicle as established by the manufacturer is not available to registering personnel, you may be required to have the vehicle weighed at a State-certified scale.


In brief, when transferring ownership of an out-of-state registered vehicle, you must:

  • Complete and sign Form DF-L(MVR) 1.
  • Produce a current out-of-state registration certificate.
  • Produce a properly completed Certificate of Ownership/Title.
  • Produce a bill of lading or out-of-state Vehicle Permit.
  • Produce a G-27 form.
  • Produce a current Hawaii Vehicle Inspection Certificate.
  • Produce a vehicle weight slip from a State-certified scale, if required.
  • Submit payment of fees.


Transfer of Ownership upon Death of Owner

If the vehicle is jointly owned, the survivor may transfer ownership to his or her name by:

  • Signing Section A of the Certificate of Title or lines No. 1 and 2 on the Certificate of Ownership.
  • Completing and signing the appropriate lines on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title/Ownership as the new registered and legal owner.
  • Submitting the properly completed and endorsed Certificate of Title/Ownership to registration personnel or mail to the Treasury Division, Motor Vehicle Registration, 4444 Rice St., Ste 466, Lihue, Hawaii 96766-1340, with the current Certificate of Registration.
  • Submitting a copy of the deceased’s death certificate, obtainable from the State Department of Health, 3040 Umi St., Lihue, Hawaii 96766.
  • Submitting a current Hawaii Vehicle Inspection Certificate.

If the vehicle is registered only in the name of the deceased, detailed legal requirements must be met.  For assistance, call the vehicle registration personnel at 241-4256.