Replacement Plates or Emblems

If your license plates or emblem are lost, mutilated or stolen, you must get a replacement.  They are available at our Lihue office or by mailing to the Treasury Division, Motor Vehicle Registration, 4444 Rice St., Ste 466, Lihue, Hawaii 96766-1340.

To obtain a replacement, you must:

  • Complete Form MVR 1, which must be signed by the vehicle's registered owner.
  • Submit the current Certificate of Registration.
  • Return the remaining plate (if it is available).
  • Submit a current Hawaii Vehicle Inspection Certificate
  • Submit the payment of fees.
  • Report the loss or theft to the Lihue Police Department.

For more information, call the Motor Vehicle Registration office at 241-4256.

(As of 09/22/09)



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