Planning Department Resource Documents

 Modified DateTitleSize
4/15/2013April 15, 2013 Planning Administrative Rule Changes263.59 KB
10/17/2013Use Permit 129.13 KB
10/17/2013Variance Permit110.49 KB
10/17/2013Special Permit247.08 KB
10/17/2013Home Business Requirements34.02 KB
10/17/2013Residential Zoning Requirements31.44 KB
10/17/2013Standard Setbacks Plot Plan31.14 KB
10/17/2013Use Agreement Form23.91 KB
6/25/2014Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Planning Commission (Updated May 2014)197.05 KB
4/17/2015April 2015 SMA Minor Permits81.00 KB
6/15/2015Ordinance 981 Additional Dwelling Unit279.79 KB
10/3/2019Amendments to Chapter 6 of the Planning Commission Rules relating to Agency Hearing Procedures935.05 KB
10/3/2019Amendments to Chapter 9 of the Planning Commission Rules Related to Appeals592.62 KB
10/3/2019Interpretive Administrative Zoning Rules and Regulations (2014) of the Planning Commission related to Ch. 8, 9, 10 of the K.C.C. (1987)813.50 KB
10/4/2019TVR Amendment to the Interpretive Administrative Rules of the Planning Commission (2017)229.47 KB
4/6/2020Zoning Amendment Information154.34 KB
4/8/2020General Submittal Requirements269.22 KB
10/29/2020Notary/ Jurat Forms for Authorization to Act on Property Owners Behalf Form 28.88 KB
4/22/2021Draft Guest House Administrative Rules 78.66 KB
6/6/2022Farm Dwelling Agreement Form and Coversheet (updated 6/6/22)504.68 KB
9/6/2022Farm Plan 09.16.2022682.05 KB
10/12/2022CPR Authorization Form and Authorized Agent Form 260.02 KB
10/12/2022Zoning Permit Application (version 10/4/2022)325.67 KB
12/21/2022Subordination Agreement 05.24.202249.90 KB

SMA Determinations

 TitleModified DateSize
April 13, 2015 SMA Minor Determinations5/20/201581.50 KB
May 9, 2017 SMA Minor Determinations (Addendum)5/10/2017138.00 KB
May 9, 2017 SMA Minor Determinations5/9/201777.50 KB
May 28, 2013 SMA Minor Determinations5/29/201393.69 KB
May 10, 2016 SMA Minor Determinations5/11/201677.50 KB
March 9, 2016 SMA Minor Permit Determinations3/14/201682.50 KB
March 9, 2015 SMA Minor Determinations5/20/201581.50 KB
March 31, 2022 SMA Minor Determinations3/31/2022205.51 KB
March 20, 2014 SMA Minor Determinations3/25/201474.50 KB
June 8, 2015 SMA Minor Determinations6/8/2015140.39 KB
June 14, 2012 SMA Minor Determinations6/14/201299.64 KB
July 10, 2015 SMA Minor Determinations7/10/2015140.72 KB
January 9, 2013 SMA Minor Determinations1/10/201398.47 KB
January 28,2015 SMA Minor Determinations3/17/201579.68 KB
October 20, 2016 SMA Minor Determinations10/20/201687.00 KB
January 28, 2015 SMA Determinations1/28/2015104.41 KB
February 25, 2013 SMA Minor Determinations2/28/201385.86 KB
February 2, 2016 SMA Determinations2/2/201682.00 KB
February 11, 2013 SMA MInor Determinations2/11/201387.30 KB
December 31, 2012 SMA Minor Determinations1/3/201384.26 KB
December 23, 2016 SMA Minor Determinations12/23/201680.00 KB
December 2014 SMA Minor Determinations12/10/2014112.56 KB
December 17, 2015 SMA Minor Determinations12/18/201582.00 KB
August 25, 2015 SMA MInor Determinations8/25/201578.50 KB
August 24, 2016 SMA Minor Permit Determinations8/25/201687.50 KB
August 24, 2012 SMA Minor Determinations8/24/201296.85 KB
August 2, 2012 SMA Minor Determinations8/15/2012107.86 KB
April 7, 2017 SMA Minor Permit Applications4/7/201780.00 KB
April 27, 2015 SMA Minor Determinations5/20/201595.12 KB
January 25, 2016 SMA Minor Permit Applications1/25/201681.50 KB
September 21, 2012 SMA Minor Determinations9/24/201275.50 KB