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 TitleModified DateSizeDescription
Draft Environmental Assessment1/2/20077.25 MBAhukini to Lydgate park Bicycle/Pedestrian Path - 11/22/2005


 TitleModified DateSize
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 18/18/20095.21 MB
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 28/18/20095.65 MB
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 38/18/20096.02 MB
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 48/18/20096.00 MB
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 58/18/20095.75 MB
Alternative Alignment Plan Map 68/18/20095.65 MB
County Land Use Map8/18/20096.92 MB
FIRM FEMA Map 018/18/20096.67 MB
FIRM FEMA Map 028/18/20097.57 MB
FIRM FEMA Map 038/18/20096.64 MB
FIRM FEMA Map 048/18/20097.04 MB
FIRM FEMA Map 058/18/20097.16 MB
Soil - Preliminary Report 10-20058/18/20097.32 MB
Soil Map 2.18/18/20097.24 MB
Soil Map 2.28/18/20097.57 MB
Soil Map 2.38/18/20097.86 MB
Soil Map 2.48/18/20097.85 MB
Soil Map 2.58/18/20097.60 MB
Soil Map 2.68/18/20097.60 MB
Soil Unit Map 3.18/18/200910.29 MB
Soil Unit Map 3.28/18/20094.77 MB
Soil Unit Map 3.38/18/20097.91 MB
Soil Unit Map 3.48/18/20094.94 MB
Soil Unit Map 3.58/18/20094.79 MB
Soil Unit Map 3.68/18/20094.77 MB
State Land Use Map8/18/2009322.92 KB


 TitleModified DateSize
(S- 1) Bridges Location8/18/20093.86 MB
(S- 2) Segmental Retaining Wall8/18/20091.39 MB
(S- 3) Wood Deck, Railing Bridge8/18/20091.10 MB
(S- 4) Hanamaulu Retrofit Bridge8/18/20091.19 MB
(S- 5) Rock Retaining Wall8/18/2009454.34 KB
(S- 6) Temp Segm Boardwalk8/18/2009643.82 KB
(S- 7) Prestressed Plank Bridge8/18/20091.12 MB
(S- 8) Prestressed 90ft Girder Bridge8/18/20091.13 MB
(S- 9) Bridge, Wood or TREX Decking8/18/20091.20 MB
(S-10) Cross Section 2 Fairway8/18/2009544.58 KB
(S-11) Cross Section 1 Fairway8/18/2009481.97 KB
(S-12) Cable Bridge8/18/20091.19 MB
(S-13) Lydgate Prestressed Girder Bridge8/18/20091.27 MB
(S-14) Steadfast Bridge8/18/2009136.93 KB
Tax Map A8/18/200958.54 KB
Tax Map B8/18/2009138.90 KB
Tax Map C8/18/200979.72 KB
Tax Map D8/18/200935.18 KB
Tax Map E8/18/200958.54 KB
Tax Map F8/18/200991.91 KB
Tax Map G8/18/200993.53 KB
Tax Map H8/18/200955.74 KB
Tax Map I8/18/200976.19 KB