Division of Roads

Mission Statement
To maintain County roadways in a manner that will safely convey vehicular and pedestrian traffic. To maintain major drainage facilities. To provide county wide support with equipment and labor.

Division Goals

  • To make County Roadways and bridges safe for public use.
  • To anticipate and address road, bridge and drainage needs.
  • To make the best and most efficient use of the Division's resources.
  • To improve internal and public communication.
  • To instill pride in the jobs that we perform.

Program Description
The Roads Maintenance Division performs roads pavement, shoulder, bridge, sidewalk/driveway/curb/gutter, levee and appurtenances maintenance and repairs; installation and maintenance of traffic and safety devices; installation, maintenance and repair of signs and road markings. The Roads Maintenance Division supports the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Solid Waste Division on a regular basis and supports other agencies on an as needed basis.

Island Wide Road Work


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Road Maintenance

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Road Maintenance Operations

 TitleModified Date
Tractor Mower Maint Report February3/1/2021
Pothole maint. Report2/5/2021
tractor mower maint.2/5/2021
Tractor Mower Maintenance - December 20201/6/2021
Pothole Maintenance Report - December 20201/6/2021
pothole maint report12/11/2020
Tractor Mower Maint Report12/11/2020
pothole maintenance report11/9/2020
tractor mower maintenance 11/9/2020
tractor mower maint. report10/14/2020
pothole maint. report10/12/2020
Tractor Mower Maint. Report9/10/2020
Pothole Maintenance Report9/10/2020
pot hole maint report8/5/2020
Tractor Mower Maint Report July 1-31, 20208/5/2020
pothole maint. report7/7/2020
tractor mower maint. report7/7/2020
Tractor Mower Maint. Report-May 1-31, 20206/4/2020
Tractor Mower Maint. Report-Apr. 1-30, 20206/4/2020
Tractor Mower Maint. Report-Mar. 1-31, 20206/4/2020
pothole maint. report May 1-31, 20206/4/2020
pothole maint. report Apr. 1-30, 20206/4/2020
pothole maint.report Mar. 1-31, 20206/4/2020
Tractor Mower Maint. Report Feb. 1-29, 20203/5/2020
Pothole Maint. Report Feb. 1-29, 20203/5/2020
pot holes January 1-31, 20202/4/2020
tractor mower January 1-31, 20202/4/2020
Tractor Mower Maintenance - December 20191/10/2020
Pothole Maintenance Report - December 20191/10/2020
Tractor Mower Maintenance Report-Nov12/11/2019
Pothole Maintenance Report - Nov12/11/2019
Pothole Maintenance Report, Oct. 1-31, 201911/21/2019
Tractor Mower Maintenance, Oct. 1-31, 201911/21/2019
Tractor Mower, September 1-30 201910/11/2019
Tractor Mower, August 1-31 201910/11/2019
Potholes, August 1-31 201910/11/2019
Road Maintenance7/3/2019
Road Maintenance6/3/2019
Roads Maintenance Weekly Report4/30/2019

Contact Information

County of Kauai
Department of Public Works
Road Construction & Maintenance
4444 Rice Street, Suite 275
Lihue, Hawaii 96766

Phone: 241-4847
Fax: 241-6204

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Hours of Operation:
8:00a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Monday thru Friday, except state and county holidays, and furlough days.

Hanapepe Baseyard
Phone: (808)335-5025

Kapaa Baseyard
Phone: (808)822-3434

Hanalei Baseyard
Phone: (808)826-6366


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