HI 5 Bins to Businesses Program Overview

The County of Kauai is pleased to announce our HI-5 Bins to Businesses program! The goal of this program is to help businesses throughout the island maximize waste diversion by providing a convenient method to separate and divert glass, plastic, and aluminum HI5 beverage containers generated in the workplace. There are two types of bin styles available to businesses through this program:

  • 3 bin stacking system labeled aluminum, plastic and glass to collect separated HI5 beverage containers
  • Rubbermaid 23 gallon "Slim Jim" bins to collect comingled HI5 beverage containers


stackables photo

slim jim photo



While supplies last, businesses can choose their preferred bin style, free of charge. The bins have been purchased with funding from the State Department of Health Deposit Beverage Container grant, and therefore should only be used to collect HI-5 deposit beverage containers. Bins will be made available to businesses throughout the island on a first-come first-served basis.  Businesses that are interested in obtaining bins are required to complete a short survey. The Registration Survey will provide the County with a database of businesses using the bins and will also provide preliminary program data for each of these businesses. 


Bins should be kept in a secure area, once the bins are distributed, the County is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen bins. All monies generated from the HI-5 items may be used to benefit the business. 


For a survey please call or contact:

  • Tawna Bensaid at 808-241-4337 or tbensaid@kauai.gov
  • Daezsa Tomas-Tamagawa at 808-241-4990 or dttamagawa@kauai.gov



  1. Businesses will select a style of recycling bin that best fits their needs. The two styles available include a 23 gallon Slim Jim with venting channel by Rubbermaid measuring 20" L x 10" W x 30" H and 3 stackable bins that can hold 11-12 gallons each, and measure 20" L x 15" W x 12" H. The stacking bins will be labeled glass, plastic and aluminum.
  2. With limited exceptions, only one set of stacking bins or one Slim Jim will be allowed per business. Should you have an exceptionally large business or more than one break room, the County will consider distributing additional bins.
  3. Bins will be available on a first-come first-served basis. Each business must complete a Registration Survey in order to be eligible to receive bins. Please call Tawna Bensaid at 808-241-4337 or Daezsa Tomas-Tamagawa at 808-241-4990 to receive a survey. 
  4. As part of the Registration Survey, businesses must agree that information they provide to the County of Kaua'i may be used to conduct future surveys to encourage more recycling opportunities.
  5. The County Recycling staff will confirm that the Registration Survey has been completed and schedule an appointment for bin pick up.
screenshot of Kilauea Recycling Program flyer