We currently have a limited quantity for new and replacement bins. Please call or contact about availability:

  • Tawna Bensaid 808-241-4337 or tbensaid@kauai.gov
  • Daezsa Tomas-Tamagawa 808-241-4990 or dttamagawa@kauai.gov

HI5 Bins to Retailers Overview

photo of retail HI-5 bin

In the summer of 2010, the HI5 Bins to Retailers Program was launched by the County Recycling Office with funding provided from the State Department of Health DBC (Deposit Beverage Container) grant. Free HI5 Bins were offered to Retailers. The purpose of this program is to divert HI5 aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers generated by customers in supporting retail stores. Eligibility requirements to receive bins are twofold: 1) Retailers must sell HI5 beverages 2) Retailers should be on the list of businesses that are subject to ongoing HI5 inspections by our office. Call 241-4337 or 241-4990 if you are interested in receiving a bin under this program.

Message to HI-5 Recycling Bin Recipients

As a retailer selling HI5 containers, you are entitled to a free HI5 recycling bin, compliments of the County of Kauai.

  • Bins are for comingled aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers eligible for HI5 redemption. The bins have been purchased with funding from the State Department of Health DBC (Deposit Beverage Container) grant and therefore should only be used to collect HI5 aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers. Bins are made from 55% recycled content.
  • We recommend placement of the bin inside the store near the front entrance and next to a trash can to prevent theft, vandalism, and contamination.
  • Recycling the HI5 containers collected in the bin is the responsibility of the Retailer and any profits become your property. If you choose to donate the proceeds to a local charity, call the recycling office at 241-4337 or 241-4990 for information on local charities accepting HI5 donations.
  • If the bin is stolen or vandalized, the County will not replace it.

Thank you for using this bin to recycle HI5 bottles and cans, and for your help keeping our Garden Isle green!


Program is funded by the State Department of Health and sponsored by the County of Kauai