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The “HI-5 RECYCLING BIN Program” (HI-5 Bin) has been developed by the County of Kauai to allow schools and non-profit organizations (hereafter called “organizations”) to institute year round HI-5 recycling programs at their facilities with the use of County of Kauai issued HI-5 Bins. (Organizations that need recycling bins for events or short term activities can loan them out under a separate Special Events Bin program through the County of Kauai; for more information please see below).

HI-5 Bins have been provided through a grant from the State Department of Health (DOH) from funds generated by the Bottle Deposit Law. All bins distributed for this program must be used to collect HI-5 deposit containers only. Organizations that wish to receive HI-5 Bins must complete an application and organizations are responsible for storing and securing the bins themselves. Kaua‘i County is not liable for any personal or property damages associated with the placement or use of the HI-5 Recycling Bins.

Bins are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The County is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen bins under this program. All proceeds from the HI-5 items may be used to benefit the organization.

Pick up and loading of the bins will be done by the organization representative. You may bring others to assist. 

For applications and other questions please call or contact:

  • Tawna Bensaid 808-241-4337 or tbensaid@kauai.gov
  • Daezsa Tomas-Tamagawa 808-241-4990 or dttamagawa@kauai.gov

Blue HI 5 Bin

photo of blue bin for recycling glass, plastic, and aluminum


  1. Each interested organization must submit a HI5 bin application. The County Recycling Office will review the application for completeness, accuracy, and if the application is approved, determine how many bins will be available to the organization.
  2. Upon review and approval of the application, the County will contact the organization to let them know how many bins were approved for distribution (maximum number is 30 per organization).
  3. Organizations are responsible for picking up and transporting the HI-5 Bins from the Kaua‘i Resource Center, located at 3460 Ahukini Road in Lihue unless otherwise specified by a HI5 Recycling Specialist . An appointment is required prior to pickup. Pick up and loading of the bins will be done by the organization representative. You may bring others to assist. 
  4. Organizations are responsible for storing and securing the HI-5 Bins at sites within and around their facilities. The County of Kauai is not responsible for replacing any stolen or vandalized bins or lids. HI-5 Bins are to be used only at the organization’s facility to collect the HI-5 items. The HI-5 bins may be removed from the organization’s premises to transport HI-5 items to the CRC (Certified redemption center) only.
  5. We encourage organizations to coordinate a “Recycle Day” at their facility at least once a year, perhaps around Earth Day (April 22nd) or America Recycles Day (November 15th). This is a good reminder to participate in the HI-5 program, recap how the recycling effort has paid off, set recycling and waste reduction goals for the future, be exposed to new information on recycling, and reward their students, employees and volunteers. Creative activities can include games, relays, recycled product contest; seed/tree plantings, demonstrations, etc. The size of the events, demonstrations, and information presented is up to the organization. This is a way for the organization to reaffirm and promote their recycling program, and at the same time educate the community about it. The County of Kauai will not be responsible for this event, however DBC staff will be available to assist with planning efforts and provide promotional materials such as Recycling Guides, and giveaways if available.  If the organization dissolves, ends the recycling program, or is no longer using the bins, then the organization is required to return the HI-5 Bins to the County so that they can be used by other organizations. Returned bins shall be empty, cleaned thoroughly, and delivered by the organization to the Kaua‘i Resource Center in Līhu‘e.