Recycling and Waste Diversion Grant Program

County awards recycling, waste diversion grants

In Fiscal Year 2013, the Solid Waste Division awarded $50,000 in recycling and waste diversion grants to local organizations. Among those selected were: Green Hawaiʻi Conferences; Kalāheo Elementary School; Kauaʻi Community Recycling Services; Kauaʻi Kunana Diary; Līhuʻe Court Townhomes; Storybook Theatre; and Zero Waste Kauaʻi.  “The County is pleased to work with these organizations to further awareness about waste diversion, and to make strides toward our efforts to conserve resources and reduce the impact on our landfill,” said former Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr.  “This is a win/win situation for the county and for these organizations who share similar goals.”  The former mayor noted that the County Recycling Office will be tracking the projects, and expects to see benefits to the community over time.  “We’re also hoping that these projects will become self-sustaining,” said former Mayor Carvalho.  During the review process, the evaluation committee used the following criteria to make its selections: compatibility with county goals; educational impact; measurability of success; experience in implementing similar projects; budget feasibility; ability to leverage other resources; and potential for self-sustainability. 

The projects selected for funding include:

  • Special events training, Zero Waste Kauaʻi, $10,000 - Under this grant, the agency will develop a comprehensive event coordinator training package and a training video titled “How to put on a Zero Waste Event”. In addition, Zero Waste Kauaʻi will conduct training sessions with event coordinators, and oversee a minimum of six zero waste events. 
  • Expansion of recycling services and educational outreach, Kauaʻi Community Recycling Services, $20,400 - The grant will allow KCRS to expand its services at the Kīlauea recycling center to include non-HI5 recyclables such as cardboard, mixed paper and non-HI5 containers (plastic, glass and metals). The program will also support monthly visits to schools to provide training on how to manage redemption container recycling drives for fundraising purposes. 
  • Expansion of recycling programs for residents of Līhuʻe Court Townhomes, $2,000 - The program includes the purchase of recycling bins for households, expanding the recyclables accepted on property, and increasing its educational training programs. 
  • Expansion of recycling programs, Kalāheo Elementary School, $2,500 – The grant will allow the school to implement an ink cartridge recycling program for Kauaʻi residents and businesses, distribute reusable bags to students, and increase recycling promotions with the goal of increasing school fundraising. 
  • Facilitate the production of local sustainable reused products, Kauaʻi Kunana Diary, $2,599 – Kunana Dairy will produce products made from reused animal feed bags including: bags; aprons; and wallets sewn. This project will raise awareness about local sustainable reused products. 
  • Facilitate collaborative school recycling programs, Green Hawaiʻi Conferences, $2,500 - The grant will enable Green Hawaiʻi to evaluate successful school recycling programs, provide networking opportunities for schools, and replicate successful programs through the network. 
  • Create an Interactive Educational Website, Storybook Theatre, $10,000 - Storybook Theatre will create a website to educate children about recycling and waste diversion. The website will contain characters and content from County sponsored  "Da Tree R's" educational performances."

Anyone with questions about the grants can contact Allison Fraley, Acting Solid Waste Chief at 241-4837 or via email,