Regulatory Planning Division

The Regulatory Planning Division administers the zoning and subdivision ordinances that control land use in Kauai County.  Services include the review and analysis of development projects including: 

Current Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO)

The County of Kaua'i adopted the first General Plan in 1971 (updated in 1984 and 2000). Subsequently, the County of Kaua'i adopted the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) in September 1, 1972. Since its adoption, the County of Kaua'i has approved several amendments to specific provisions of the CZO. However, the CZO has not been updated in a comprehensive manner since its adoption.
The County of Kaua'i Planning Department is currently updating the CZO and has divided the project into two phases, with the first phase focusing on organization and format changes. This involves mainly moving or relocating existing provisions to more appropriate locations in the code and re-codifying ordinance amendments made to the CZO. The second phase will show the newly reformatted document with more substantive changes to the code which is slated to occur after the first phase has been completed.

On December 3, 2012, the County approved the first phase of the CZO Update by adopting Ordinance No. 935. Ordinance No. 935 is the newly adopted zoning code for the County of Kaua'i and will serve as the official zoning code until the County of Kaua'i completes the second phase of the project.


Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance No. 935)

Subdivision Ordinance

The Subdivision Ordinance provides regulations and standards for the subdivision of land in Kauai County. Like the CZO, it is intended to ensure that new development is compatible with the overall character of the County.

Subdivision Ordinance

Ordinance No. 946 (Related to Sidewalk and Block Length Requirements)

Online Forms

The following application and permit information forms are provided as a resource to applicants.  Note that all applications require consultation with Planning Department staff, and may require additional forms beyond what is available online.  To verify what permit application is required for your project, please consult the CZO and contact the Planning Department at (808) 241-4050.

CPR Forms and Documents

 TitleModified DateSize
CPR Act 497/19/201876.68 KB
CPR Authorization Form7/19/201845.48 KB
CPR Authorization Form (Fillable Form)3/23/202050.60 KB
CPR Inspections Memo (Jan. 2016)7/19/201850.58 KB
CPR New Procedures Memo (Aug. 2016)7/19/2018164.20 KB
CPR Zoning Clearance Request Form4/2/2019299.97 KB

OIP and Dept. Determination Request Forms

 TitleModified DateSize
Department Determination Request Form 6/15/2020198.57 KB
OIP- Request to Access a Government Record Form6/8/2020140.20 KB

Subdivision Forms

 TitleModified DateSize
Subdivision Application4/7/2020189.12 KB

Planning Department Resource Documents

 Modified DateTitleSize
4/15/2013April 15, 2013 Planning Administrative Rule Changes263.59 KB
10/17/2013Use Permit 129.13 KB
10/17/2013Variance Permit110.49 KB
10/17/2013Special Management Area (SMA) Permit198.41 KB
10/17/2013Special Permit247.08 KB
10/17/2013Home Business Requirements34.02 KB
10/17/2013Residential Zoning Requirements31.44 KB
10/17/2013CPR Authorization Signatures Form17.81 KB
10/17/2013Standard Setbacks Plot Plan31.14 KB
10/17/2013Use Agreement Form23.91 KB
6/25/2014Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Planning Commission (Updated May 2014)197.05 KB
4/17/2015April 2015 SMA Minor Permits81.00 KB
6/15/2015Ordinance 981 Additional Dwelling Unit279.79 KB
2/15/2019Farm Dwelling Agreement Form (2019)90.11 KB
10/3/2019Amendments to Chapter 6 of the Planning Commission Rules relating to Agency Hearing Procedures935.05 KB
10/3/2019Amendments to Chapter 9 of the Planning Commission Rules Related to Appeals592.62 KB
10/3/2019Interpretive Administrative Zoning Rules and Regulations (2014) of the Planning Commission related to Ch. 8, 9, 10 of the K.C.C. (1987)813.50 KB
10/4/2019TVR Amendment to the Interpretive Administrative Rules of the Planning Commission (2017)229.47 KB
4/6/2020Zoning Amendment Information154.34 KB
4/8/2020Zoning Permit Application (Fillable) v. 04082020238.47 KB
4/8/2020General Submittal Requirements269.22 KB
10/29/2020Information Required for Applicants and Authorization to Act on Property Owners Behalf Form 307.31 KB
10/29/2020Notary/ Jurat Forms for Authorization to Act on Property Owners Behalf Form 28.88 KB