Kekaha Host Community Benefit Program

The objective of Host Community Benefits (HCB) is to balance the need for safe disposal of solid waste with the sacrifices borne by the host community. The cornerstones of Host Community Benefits are mitigation (alleviation of landfill impacts such as landscaping and revegetation to alleviate visual impacts), and compensation (just payment to offset living near the landfill).

In June 2008, the County Council established the Kekaha Host Community Benefits (HCB) Fund with an initial allocation of $650,000 for the purpose of compensating the Kekaha Community for hosting Kaua'i's landfill. The Kekaha Host Community Benefits Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC0 was appointed by Mayor Bernard Carvalho in March of 2009. The charge of the CAC is to provide the County with recommendations of projects to benefit the community and to be funded through the HCB Fund.

The mission of the CAC, as developed by its members at their first meeting on April 13, 2009 is "to serve as a community advisory committee to recommend projects and their administrative process for the disbursement of the HCB fund(s) allocated to, and in accordance with, the general consensus of the Kekaha community."

More information on the CAC and its activities can be found at:

CAC meetings are open to the public.