Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Reminder: Bottle Caps Not Accepted for HI5 Redemption

The Public Works Solid Waste Division would like to remind the public that bottle caps are not accepted at HI5 redemption centers or in the Kaua‘i Recycles green drop bins.  Printed phrases like “Recycle bottle with cap on” should be ignored.

Customers wishing to recycle their bottle caps can visit for drop-off information or requesting a pick-up of plastic for recycling through Precious Plastic Kaua‘i who converts plastic to useful products such as furniture, pots, and beams. Plastic material brought to Precious Plastic Kaua‘i should be clean, unlabeled, and sorted by type.

For more information on the HI5 Program please visit or call 808-241-4337 or 241-4990.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Kauai HI5 Recycling

The County of Kauai has a 43% Waste Diversion Rate meaning that over 60,000 tons of material does not enter our landfill via County or commercially operated waste diversion programs.

One of the most effective waste diversion programs available in Hawaii is the HI5 Bottle Redemption program with a redemption rate of over 60%. Hawai‘i is one out of just ten states that have a “Bottle Bill” program that allows consumers to return their bottles and cans for a return of their deposit beverage fee which is 5 cents in Hawai‘i, but varies from State to State.

While the HI5 program is seen as a huge success in terms of acceptance, benefits, waste reduction and conservation of resources there are concerns about where our recycling goes and what happens when it gets there.

Honolulu Civil Beat’s Claire Caulfield’s article “Where in the World Do We Send Our Recycling?” linked below goes over some of these concerns as well as discussing issues like why we don’t have our own recycling facility here in the islands and how does China's shutdown of their markets affect our recycling. We encourage the public to review this article to find out more about how Hawaii operates in this global marketplace.




Table of Contents

What is the holiday schedule for redemption centers?
Why is it good for Kauaʻi?
What containers can be redeemed?
How do I prepare the containers for redemption?
How do I get paid?



Recycling Facility Map

County Recycling Facility map


Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before lunch and closing




Days / Hours of Operation

Closed for lunch

KCRS Kilauea

5-2723 Kūhiʻō Hwy. Kilauea (behind Kauaʻi Mini-Golf)


Tuesday & Friday

8am – 4pm


KCRS Kapaa

962 Kipuni Way (next to Gather FCU in Arzadon Industrial Center)




*Closed on Mondays  


  Reynolds Recycling


Kauaʻi Resource Center

3460 Ahukini Road  (Near Airport)

 Kauai:  808-245-7233

Oahu: (808) 487-2802


Monday through Saturday

9am - 5pm

*Closed on Sundays 

 12 - 1:30pm

***KCRS Koloa


2810 Poiʻpu Road (Next to Koloa Fire Station)


     Thursday & Sunday

     8am – 4pm


   KCRS Kekaha


Kekaha Road across the Old Sugar Mill



Wednesday & Saturday

          8am - 4pm









*Does not accept commercial and large loads

Click Here for a Printable List of HI5 Locations


On Kauaʻi, retailers are not required to operate redemption centers at their stores. There are five (5) redemption centers currently operating throughout Kauaʻi. Redemption centers are operated by private recyclers.

For more information please visit their websites:

Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before lunch and closing.

Want to donate your HI5 material? Check out our Donate HI5 to Schools and Nonprofits page for a list of schools and nonprofits who accept HI5 donations.

Click here to print HI5 Recycling signs.


What is the holiday schedule for redemption centers?


Reynold's Recycling

Kauai Resource Center location
(Kauai Community Recycling Services)
New Year's Day
(1/1/24, Sunday)



Dr. ML King Day
(1/16/23, Monday)
Holiday Closed
President's Day
(2/20/23, Monday)
Holiday Closed
Prince Kūhiʻō Day
(3/26/23, Sunday)
Good Friday
(4/7/23, Friday)
Easter Sunday
(4/9/23, Sunday)
Memorial Day
(5/29/23, Monday)
Holiday Closed
King Kamehameha Day
(6/11/23, Sunday)
Independence Day
(7/4/23, Tuesday)



Statehood Day
(8/18/23, Friday)

Labor Day

(9/4/23, Monday)

Holiday Closed

Veteran's Day

(11/11/23, Saturday)


(11/24/23, Thursday)

Kapaʻa and Koloa  

Christmas Day
(12/25/23, Monday) 
Holiday    Holiday


Why the HI5 Bottle Bill is good for Kauaʻi

  • Increased the Statewide redemption rate of aluminum, plastic, and glass beverage containers to nearly 70%
  • Reduces litter in our parks and beaches 
  • Provides fundraising opportunities for community organizations and schools
  • Initiated overall new recycling habits 

Here's how the Bottle Bill works: 4 easy steps

  1. A 5¢ deposit per beverage container is charged on the purchase of GLASS, ALUMINUM, PLASTIC (types #1 and #2) and BI-METAL containers defined under the Law.
  2. A 1¢ non-refundable container fee is also assessed to support the costs of recycling and program administration.
  3. Deposit containers are marked with a label that reads "Hawaiʻi 5¢" or "HI 5¢".
  4. You return HI5 beverages and receive payment based upon the weight or hand count (200 or less) of your beverage containers. 

What's In:

Size: 2-liter (68 oz) or smaller

Drink: Water, juice, soda, tea, coffee, beer, malt beverages, mixed spirits (<15% alcohol), some mixed wine (<7% alcohol) and alcohol free wines, drink mixers, and sports drinks.

Material Type: glass, plastic (#1 & #2), aluminum, and bi-metal

Labeled: HI 5¢, HAWAII 5¢, Hawaii 5¢

What's Out:

Size: larger than 68 fluid ounces ( larger than 2-liter or gallon jugs)

Drink: wine, spirits and liquor (15% or more alcohol content), milk, spirits, concentrates, medical food, infant formula, and syrups. 

How to Prepare HI5 Containers:

Empty containers
No liquid, food, trash or other contaminants
Remove Caps
From all bottles
Aluminum and plastic may be crushed.
Sort by material type
Plastic, glass, aluminum and bi-metal ~ Plastic can also be separated into small (17 oz or less) and large (18 oz -68 oz) to take advantage of a small plastics rate.
Commercial Loads
Accepted at all CRC centers except Koloa.
Hand Counts Up to 200 can be counted at a time. Over 200 can be counted at the discretion of the redemption center staff. Customer hand counts will not be accepted.

How you're paid:

Segregated rates effective as of December 2010

  • Materials will be weighed and paid at the following State regulated rates:
    • Aluminum: 32 units per lb. = $1.60 per lb.
    • Plastic (mixed sizes): 18.8 units per lb. = $0.94 per lb.
    • Plastic (17 oz. or less, sorted): 26.3 units per lb. = $1.315 per lb.
    • Glass: 2.4 units per lb. = $0.12 per lb
    • Bi-metal cans: 5.9 units per lb.=$0.295 per lb.

For more information on the Bottle Bill, visit, or contact the Kaua'i County Recycling Office at 241-4337 or 241-4990 or the State Department of Health Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch at (808) 586-4226.