Upon request, the County of Kaua'i Solid Waste Division in partnership with the State Department of Health offers HI5 Educational Outreach to all schools and businesses.  

Students at Homeschoolnow participated in a HI5 Action and Composting tour in September 2019 which was the first of its kind for the present County Recycling staff.  The tour was broken up into three breakaway sessions that focused on the HI5 program, composting and vermiculture and an outdoor game that tested the student's recycling knowledge. 

Presentations were hands on for the students and the lessons reached age groups ranging from 3rd grade through 8th grade. Lessons were adapted for each age group.    

If your school is interested in learning more please email tbensaid@kauai.gov or call 241-4337.  We would love to share our knowledge with your students!


Jaro Spichal, owner of Kauai Worms, teaches a composting class to students.



Shantelle Rego, HI5 Recycling Specialist facilitates a recycling game with students.


Tawna Bensaid, HI5 Recycling Specialist teaches a class of 7th graders


One third grade student wrote in his journal:  "Today I am grateful for County of Kaua'i recycling program.  The HI5 program converts recycling to money for our school.  Also, they help the Earth.  By recycling we help save animals lives.  Also, recycling makes the landfill not as big and the Earth more beautiful.  The County of Kaua'i helps the community."


A HomeschoolNow student's journal entry.