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Mayor's Holo Holo 2020 Address - Mayor Carvalho outlined his Holo Holo 2020 vision during his Inauguration speech on December 1, 2010. Join the Mayor as he takes you on a virtual tour of Kaua'i in the year 2020 with this vision fully realized. The Mayor’s remarks begin at 1:02:50 into the program.

 PDF icon Holo Holo 2020 Projects - Each project is tied to one of the Mayor's five areas of focus, which were identified when he first took office in 2008: Supporting our Economy; Becoming More Sustainable; Planning Wisely for our Future; Caring for our Community; Delivering Excellent Customer Service

 PDF icon Holo Holo 2020 Presentation - The Mayor has been sharing his Holo Holo 2020 vision all over Kauai.

 PDF iconMayor's Community Outreach Holo Holo 2020 update August 2012

Mayor Carvalho shares his Holo Holo vision with UNECO, a California non-profit organization, and noted filmmaker Aldo Vidali.  Click here to view the video.