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A recruitment is a process for locating applicants for employment.
A "Recruitment Number" is the number that identifies a recruitment.
A recruitment period is a time period indicated on the job announcement during which applications are accepted.
The recruitment will be open continuously until there is no longer a need for eligibles. A Continuous Recruitment may close at any time; the notice of the last day to file applications will be posted in our office, and on Job Opportunities Listing page our website.
A County of Kauai Job Announcement describes a job that the Department of Human Resources is currently recruiting for. It is the best source of information about a job as it tells you the time period for which applications will be accepted, the title of the job, recruitment number, pay, job duties, and minimum qualification requirements.
An intra-departmental recruitment is a recruiting notice announcing the receipt of applications open to civil service employees of a particular county department or agency.
An inter-departmental recruitment is a recruiting notice announcing the receipt of applications open to civil service employees of the County of Kauai.
An open-competitive recruitment is a recruiting notice that announces the receipt of applications open to the general public.
An employee who successfully completes an initial probation period and demonstrates continued fitness and ability by meeting all performance requirements of the employee's position.
Jobs can be filled from an “eligible list” established for a recruitment that the Department of Human Resources has announced. The Department of Human Resources publishes Job Announcements for jobs open to the public and jobs open to only civil service employees of the County of Kaua‘i. These announcements contain important information about the duties and responsibilities of the job, minimum qualification required, and the examination process for placement on the eligible list. You should review the Job Announcement of the job(s) you are interested prior to completing the application form. CLICK HERE for our Job Opportunities Listing.
The Department of Human Resources administers the civil service system for the County of Kauai government and recruits for a variety of job classifications. The civil service employment system is based upon hiring, retaining and promoting employees based on their qualifications and ability to do the work. There are over 500 different job titles. They may be found at the Classification and Pay section on the main page.
Information about jobs are available on the Job Opportunities Listing page, at the County Department of Human Resources Office and other designated distribution centers, and in the newspaper. In some instances, the department that has the vacancy may be delegated to conduct their own recruitment. If this occurs, the department will be responsible for advertising the vacancy.
Effective September 1, 2011 the County of Kauai is asking all job applicants to apply for County careers online. To apply online, go to the Job Opportunities Listing page of our website to view current job openings. From your job search results, click on the job title to view the Job Opportunities Announcement. You will find step-by-step instructions in the “How to Apply” section and a link to create an online application for the specific job.
The online application can be accessed through the Job Opportunities Listing page by clicking on the job you are interested in, then clicking the "Apply" link.
Free Internet Access
  • County of Kauai, Department of Human Resources, 4444 Rice Street, Suite 140, Lihue, HI 96766. A computer is available to apply for only County of Kauai positions between 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays.
  • Work Wise Kauai, State Workforce Development Division, 4444 Rice Street, Suite 302, Lihue, HI 96766. Phone for hours of operation.
  • Hawaii Public Libraries, visit www.librarieshawaii.org or phone for locations and hours of operation. A free Hawaii State Library card is required to use computers at the library.
Applications are accepted only when a recruitment has been announced and only during the recruitment period specified on the job announcement. If the recruitment has a deadline to apply, you must submit your application and any other additional materials required in the job announcement by the last day to file applications.
You must first meet the minimum qualification requirements of the job. These requirements can be found on each Job Opportunity Announcement. You should review each announcement carefully, noting the location of the job opening, minimum qualification requirements, description of job duties, and any other special requirements. Taking the time to thoroughly review each announcement will help you avoid applying for jobs that may not interest you, or for which you may not qualify.
No. A resume in itself will not be processed. It must be accompanied by an application, along with other required supporting documents asked for in the Job Opportunity Announcement.
Yes. Using our online application process you are able to save your application and use it for different positions you apply to. You still must submit separate copies of your additional materials for each job.
A "complete application" consists of the application and "other" materials asked for in the job announcement. Examples of "other" materials, if required or applicable, include the Applicant Data Survey, your college transcripts, documentation of veteran status, a copy of your valid driver's license or professional licensure. Your application is considered incomplete until all of your information is received so please read the Required Forms and Documentation section of the Job Opportunity Announcement carefully.
If the recruitment has closed, your application will be considered late and will be rejected. To be considered timely, all applications and supplemental materials must be received by the last day to file applications. Hand-delivered applications must be received by 4:30 p.m., Hawaii Standard Time. Mailed applications must be postmarked by 11:59 p.m. (Hawaii Standard Time) the "last day to file." Applications submitted by e-mail or fax will not be accepted.
Please send written notification or you may submit a Change of Information Form of any changes to your mailing address, telephone number, and/or work availability to the Department of Human Resources. Be sure to include your full name, and the job you applied for. Your changes will replace the previous information on record.
An examination in which applicants are not required to take a written examination at a designated date, time, and place. Your rating (score) is based on education and experience provided to us on your application form.
Unless otherwise indicated on the Job Opportunity Announcement, you must meet the education requirement at the time your application is filed.
No. We design written tests to reflect the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to be brought to the job.
The type of test you take will depend on the type of examination being administered for a particular job.
If you apply for a recruitment open on a continuous basis, the exam will be administered several times a year. This can vary depending on the number of applicants, the type of exam, and the needs of the hiring agency. If the recruitment has a closing date, it will only be administered once after the closing date.
Please call our office at (808) 241-4956 ten (10) calendar days before the testing date. Be prepared to provide medical proof of your need for accommodation by a professional who is qualified to make a diagnosis.
The way scores are calculated depends on the type of examination procedure administered.
If the recruitment is still open, you may re-apply and take the written exam again as long as 30-days have lapsed between the written tests. If you do not pass the exam the second time, you will keep your original score.
No. If you pass the written exam and receive a lower score, the lower score will replace the original score.
If you are using education to qualify, or if there are mandatory course requirements for the job, you may submit a legible photocopy of your official college transcripts. Transcripts obtained through the internet are not accepted. Please note that education obtained outside of the United States must be comparable to a degree earned at an accredited school in the United States. The Department of Human Resources reserves the right to request evidence of comparability and/or an official copy of your transcript.
Yes, if your name and recruitment number are clearly identified on the transcript. However, if you plan to apply for multiple recruitments, you may want to request the university send the original copy of your transcript to you so that you can make copies. While we accept copies of transcripts, we reserve the right to request an original transcript.
No. Your newly acquired education or work experience cannot be considered after your name has been placed on an eligible list. However, if the recruitment is still open, you may re-apply and submit any additional education and experience on your new application.
An application can be rejected for several reasons such as: 1) missing forms or other supplemental information; 2) insufficient detail in your description of job duties and responsibilities; 3) performing work in more than one specialty area and not providing the average hours per week spent in each task; 4) unable to verify your education (diploma, coursework), education, licensure, etc. needed for a particular job. Your notice of results letter may request additional information, or will have sections highlighted to indicate which areas need completing.
An application cannot be processed for several reasons. One reason is that important information is missing from the application, such as Social Security number, address, etc. Another reason is that a person did not indicate what recruitment they were applying for, or they tried to apply for more than one job on the same application.
A list of names of persons who have successfully completed by examination.
We try to place qualified applicants on the eligible list as timely as possible. The actual time frame depends on a variety of factors, including the number of persons applying for a job, the type of exam used for the job, and the needs of the hiring agency that will be using the eligible list.
You will have eligibility for a period of six (6) months, unless extended.
It depends. 1) If you are appointed to a temporary position from an eligible list that was established to fill both permanent and temporary vacancies, it will depend on the duration of the temporary appointment. If the duration of the appointment allows you to serve an initial probationary appointment which could lead to civil service membership, your name will be removed from the eligible list and you will no longer be referred to other vacancies. However, if the duration of the temporary appointment does not allow you to serve an initial probationary appointment, your availability for temporary positions will be removed and you will not be referred to future temporary vacancies. But, if you indicated interest in permanent positions on your application, your name will continue to be referred to permanent vacancies. 2) If you are appointed to a temporary position from an eligible list that was established to fill temporary positions only, you will be removed from the eligible list and you will no longer be referred to other vacancies.
It depends on several factors. After you are placed on the eligible list, you will be referred to vacancies based on your examination score and the employment conditions/geographic locations you specified on your application form. Factors that increase your chances of being referred include how high your score is, your availability, and the number of vacancies.
Your eligibility will be suspended when you decline a job offer; do not report for an employment interview or respond to an employment inquiry; indicate a lack of interest in any other way for a position; or you are contacted and not available to attend an interview.
Yes. If the list is still active and your eligibility has not expired, you may reinstate your eligibility under the following conditions: 1) you are now available for employment; 2) you now meet the physical standards of the job; or 3) you terminated without delinquency or misconduct during your probationary period after being appointed to a permanent position from the eligible list. Your request must be in writing and include your name, job title, and recruitment number.
No. Your ranking may change from day to day for several reasons. Factors such as names being added and removed, availability changes, and hiring can affect your ranking.
Our office is located in the Moikeha Building, Suite 140, 4444 Rice Street, Lihue, Kauai.
The County of Kauai offers its employees who are members of the civil service a range of benefits. These benefits are subject to change whenever applicable collective bargaining agreements, laws, rules, policies or plan documents are changed.
Currently you will need to contact the Department of Human Resources during normal business hours. The Department of Human Resources is open Monday thru Friday (except holidays), 7:45 am - 4:30 pm
Yes. Visit our County of Kauai Job Opportunities link for our current job opportunities listing.