Plastic Policy and Ordinance Directory

Due to the finding that disposable plastic is harmful to our environment and contributes to the potential death of marine and avian life Mayor Derek Kawakami has declared that the County shall prohibit the purchase, use, or distribution of disposable plastics with County funds, at County permitted events, by County employees, or by County Facility Users. This shall be done in order to protect public health, reduce litter, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore the County will invest in environmentally preferred alternatives to disposable plastics.

 To view the Policy in its entirety please click here- Policy to Prohibit the Purchase, Use, or Distribution of Disposable Plastics on County Property.

Please see the list of Acceptable compostable alternatives (Excel Spreadsheet)-  Includes containers, utensils, cups, and stirrers.

Disposable Plastics Policy Definitions

All definitions are included in the Mayor's Policy. 

Below is a summary of key topics covered in the policy.

“County Facility" means any building, structure, or vehicle owned and operated by the County, its agents, agencies, and departments and includes County buildings, structures, parks, recreation facilities, or property.

"Compostable" means materials that are able to undergo biological decomposition or become part of usable compost in a safe and timely manner, either in an appropriate composting program or facility, or in a home compost pile or device. For foodservice containers containing plastics to qualify as compostable, such food service containers must meet ASTM Standard D6400 for Compostable Plastics, or ASTM Standard D6868 for biodegradable plastic film, as amended.

“Disposable Plastic” means Bottled Water, Plastic Bags, Plastic Beverage Straws, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Food Service Containers, and Plastic Stirrers defined in the policy.

January 1, 2020 visual of plastics disposal policy