Water conservation request lifted for Wainiha-Haena

Published on November 17, 2023


(8:15 p.m.) HAENA - The Department of Water (DOW) has lifted the water conservation notice for Wainiha and Haena customers as of approximately 8:15 p.m. this evening.  Customers may now resume normal water use.


(4:45 p.m.) HAENA – The Department of Water (DOW) has issued a water conservation request for customers in Wainiha and Haena until further notice due to an electrical power outage affecting water service facilities.  Customers are advised to limit water use to essential needs only such as drinking, cooking and sanitation needs to avoid a water service outage.

Water conservation measures include turning off irrigation systems, ice machines and other appliances that automatically draw water.  

An update will be provided when new information is received.