Prevention Bureau Services

Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement

KFD Prevention performs fire inspections of all commercial and educational occupancies to ascertain, prevent, and cause to be corrected any hazardous fire conditions. KFD Prevention will enforce the fire code, national standards, and laws. By request, KFD Prevention will investigate public complaints within our scope of duty. For a Business Inspection, please email your request to

Public Education

The Fire Education section is responsible for developing and implementing programs that will increase the public's awareness of fire safety.  Prevention's Sparky Trailer visits all Kauai elementary schools annually and presents students with the Learn Not To Burn Curriculum, Ocean Safety Prevention, and Hands-Only CPR lessons.  The Sparky Trailer is available to participate in community events by request.  The Prevention Bureau also provides Fire Extinguisher Training (Live or Digital Fires) for businesses, individuals, and groups by request.  For Sparky Trailer or Fire Extinguisher Training, please email your request to

Plan Review

KFD Prevention reviews the building permits and construction plans for compliance with fire code requirements and national consensus standards relating to emergency vehicle access, construction type, water supply, fire flow, hazardous materials and processes, and fire protection systems.

KFD Prevention plan review includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • New Commercial Construction
  • Renovation of existing commercial buildings
  • Additional dwelling units (ADU)
  • Installation of Fire Protection Systems (fire sprinkler, fire alarm, fire pump, private water supply, hazardous materials/storage/process)


KFD Prevention issues a variety of special permits. Please contact KFD Prevention for access to the following permits (Downloadable links available in the future)

  • Fire Protection Permit (FPP)
  • Aerial Fireworks Use & Purchase Permit (FFWA)
  • Compressed Gases Permit (FCGS)
  • Explosives & Blasting Agent Permit (FEBA)
  • Firecracker Permit (FFWP)
  • Fireworks License (FFWL)
  • Flammable & Combustible Tank Permit (FTNK)
  • Flammable Finish Facility Permit (FAFF)
  • Temporary Membrane Structure Application (FTMP)
  • Hazardous Materials Permit (FHAZ)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gases Permit (FLPG)

Fire Investigation

The primary responsibility of our fire investigation duty is to determine the origin & causes of fires.  Prevention prepares a Fire Investigation Report in regards to the incident.  For a copy of a Fire Investigation Report, please email your request to: