Information Technology & Holo Holo 2020

Holo Holo 2020 is about delivering on the Mayor’s vision for what Kauaʻi can be, and should be. To support this vision, the Mayor has built a County government team that listens to its people and acts on their behalf. Through various community outreach initiatives, the County strives to involve our citizens in the decision making process, and provide them with a voice in shaping our priorities. Each and every department is challenged to make this vision a reality.


As its Holo Holo 2020 contribution, the County's Information Technology Division adopted a new approach for connecting with our citizens. The Mayor likes to call it "bringing government services into the living rooms of our people." Our premise is that determining how best to serve Kauaʻi through technology is a non-trivial exercise that can be greatly simplified and improved through public input. The simple question is, how can we bring more services closer to the communities that we serve? As such, we embarked on a project to gather feedback from our residents on the technology-based services that are most important to them, including how they interact with County government, as well as other opportunities to serve the community at large.


There are many ways to improve our County services by using technology, but the choices are not always obvious, especially when funds are limited. As citizens, you are the County’s customers making it imperative that we understand your technology needs and priorities going forward so that we can incorporate your input in determining future plans. The best way to achieve this is through a survey.

We Value Your Input

Future updates on the Citizen Technology Survey will be made available on this page of the County website. Your feedback is always welcome, so please feel free to email us at

Citizen Technology Survey

The Citizen Technology Survey was developed internally, and made available to the public on the County’s website from August through December of 2013.  We leveraged internal resources and web-based survey tools in order to minimize costs associated with expensive consultants, and labor intensive mailings. Our primary goal for this survey is to identify community priorities for technology, and take appropriate actions where possible during Fiscal Year 2014-2015. Our secondary goal for the survey is to test a new model for engaging our citizens in a transparent setting.


Following extensive analysis of the survey results, we are proud to share this report with all of you. Regardless of whether or not you participated in the survey, you now have the opportunity to see what others in the community are saying about technology, and how the County plans to respond to the information provided to make services more accessible, convenient and user-friendly. After completion of the identified initiatives, we will issue additional surveys to get your feedback on how we did and what comes next.


The Information Technology Division is excited about the input you have provided, and we look forward to putting the survey results into action. Your feedback and insights are important to us, so please be sure to follow us as we continue on this journey together. Mahalo for your interest and participation!