Tourism Support

Tourism Strategic Plan:  The Office of Economic Development-Tourism manages the updates and action teams of the Kauai Tourism Strategic Plan along with the Kauai Visitors Bureau and the Visitor Industry.  See below.

Kauai Visitors Bureau: This office works closely with the Kauai Visitors Bureau to support marketing of Kauai as a destination and providing visitor information.

Product Enrichment Programs:  Programs having to do with supporting Kauai as a prime destination. This includes diversifying what we offer as a visitor destination, mitigating problems common to tourism destinations as well as ones unique to Kauai.  Strengthening the Hawaiian Culture and protecting Natural Resources remains a priority for the Visitor Industry and this office.

Ambassador of Aloha Promotional Material Program: This program provides local Kauai residents with a limited amount of promotional items to take with them to the mainland to promote Kauai as a visitor destination. One request per team or event.   Items include Kauai Loves You buttons, stickers and post it notes as well as other items.  You may download Promotional Material Request form below or call 808-241-4946 to request form for items.   

Greetings Program:  Hawaiian Music is provided at the Harbor for cruise ship greetings.  Harbor funding is through an agreement from the Hawaii Tourism Authority.



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Grant Opportunities

Yearly (as funds are available) the County manages the County Product Enrichment Program (CPEP).  Approximately $120,000 a year of General Fund money is used to support programs that enrich the Kauai Visitor Product, Hawaiian Culture and Natural Resources projects.  Projects are typically solicited each Summer for the following calendar year.  .  Please call for any further information needed. 241-4952.


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Hawaiian Culture Related Tools (Links)

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