Zwibble and the Greatest Clean-Up Ever

Project idea and student highlights presented by Ms. Sarah Dooley.

Sarah Dooley is part of the Leadership Kauai 2022 cohort and her community project team is learning about Kauai's recycling programs and brainstorming how to make an impact.  This was the inspiration for sharing these ideas in her class with the homeschool students.

Our Pre-K-8th grade students learned about the local recycling program and food waste diversion. The group of homeschoolers meet once a week in Lihue for enrichment classes provided through Harmony Education and coordinated by director Rebecca Hartshorn.


Two jars. One with landfill items, and one with compostable items.



Three students working on a recycling project



Student sorting recyclables by type

The younger students listened to a story called "It Zwibble and the Greatest Clean-Up Ever"  and the older students discussed their carbon footprint. All of the students participated in sorting the teacher's recycling, determining what was in fact trash and what could actually be recycled. Over the following month, students got to witness decomposition from the food waste jar compared to the landfill jar. Keiki are now are invited weekly to put their food waste from lunch in a designated bucket to be taken to the teacher's home to compost.  


Five young students learn about Zwibble.