HI5 Educational Outreach - Redemption Center/Landfill Tours

Upon request, the County of Kaua'i Solid Waste Division in partnership with the State Department of Health offers HI5 Educational Outreach to all schools and businesses. 

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these tours are currently unavailable. 

Our HI5 Recycling Specialists also conduct Redemption Center and landfill tours for schools, businesses, and other organizations. These tours occur on Wednesday by appointment only. Tours include a 20 minute tour of the Kekaha Redemption Center operated by Kaua'i Community Recycling Services and a 40 minute tour of the Kekaha landfill facilitated by landfill staff. There is a short drive time between the two locations which must be factored in for interested groups.

For more information, please contact our HI5 Specialist Tawna Bensaid at (808) 241-4337 or at tbensaid@kauai.gov.

Kaua'i eWaste contest for K-8th grade

The County of Kaua‘i Department of Public Works Solid Waste Division in a partnership with the State Department of Health sponsored an Electronic Waste (or eWaste) recycling drive open to all public and private elementary and middle school classes on Kaua‘i in April 2019.

The contest was the first eWaste collection contest held on Kaua‘i and highlighted a vital free program for businesses and residents. Students from around the island were able to work with their community and show their commitment to a sustainable Kaua‘i.

Winners for 2019 were Mrs. Jana Miyazaki and Ms. Alisha Siliado's 2nd grade classes, and Mr. Joel Kawate's fourth grade class. Individual honors went to Tavesi Harris from Waimea Canyon Middle School as the top middle school student, and Courtney Faria from Mrs. Miyazaki's class as the overall top recycler.


'Ae Kamali'i Friendship Bench

Līhu‘e- An anonymous person left an unassembled park bench made out of recycled plastic at the Kaua‘i Resource Center. Instead of throwing it away as illegal dumping, Tawna Bensaid and Shantelle Rego the County’s HI5 Recycling Specialists worked with Steve Soltysik, a man known in the community for his passion for education and helping the youth of Kaua‘i to assemble and present the bench to 'Ae Kamali'i preschool’s Ms. Penni Taketa.

The bench is made out of recycled plastic material and will act as the schools “Friendship Bench”. Students that feel they need a friend to play with can sit on the bench to let other children know that they’re looking for a buddy to play with.

The “Friendship Bench” or “Buddy Bench” idea is used worldwide at different schools and organizations to help children socialize and adapt to new environments.

“The County hopes that the bench can serve not only the emotional and social needs for the children, but also show what can be done when plastic is properly recycled in to something functional and long lasting,” said County Recycling Programs Coordinator Keola Aki.

For more information please visit the County’s Recycling website at www.kauai.gov/recycling or call our mainline at 241-4841. Help keep Kaua‘i green, reduce, reuse, and recycle!


Children on friendship bench

Pictured: Milo Veli Marcos, Jonah Pa, Kennedy Pereza, and Aila Okasaki

Teacher and children on friendship bench

Pictured: Ms. Penni Taketa, Milo Veli Marcos, Jonah Pa, Kennedy Pereza, and Aila Okasaki

staff on friendship bench

Pictured: Recycling Program Coordinator Keola Aki, Steve Soltysik, HI5 Recycling Specialists Tawna Bensaid and Shantelle Rego.

Friendship bench plaque

whole friendship bench


Upon request, the County of Kaua'i Solid Waste Division in partnership with the State Department of Health offers HI5 Educational Outreach to all schools and businesses.  

Students at Homeschoolnow participated in a HI5 Action and Composting tour in September 2019 which was the first of its kind for the present County Recycling staff.  The tour was broken up into three breakaway sessions that focused on the HI5 program, composting and vermiculture and an outdoor game that tested the student's recycling knowledge. 

Presentations were hands on for the students and the lessons reached age groups ranging from 3rd grade through 8th grade. Lessons were adapted for each age group.    

If your school is interested in learning more please email tbensaid@kauai.gov or call 241-4337.  We would love to share our knowledge with your students!


Jaro Spichal, owner of Kauai Worms, teaches a composting class to students.



Shantelle Rego, HI5 Recycling Specialist facilitates a recycling game with students.

Tawna Bensaid, HI5 Recycling Specialist teaches a class of 7th graders

One third grade student wrote in his journal:  "Today I am grateful for County of Kaua'i recycling program.  The HI5 program converts recycling to money for our school.  Also, they help the Earth.  By recycling we help save animals lives.  Also, recycling makes the landfill not as big and the Earth more beautiful.  The County of Kaua'i helps the community."

A HomeschoolNow student's journal entry.