Medical waste for businesses

Businesses looking to dispose of biohazards and medical/infectious waste should contact the Oahu-based companies listed below for more information:

  • Hawaii Bio: (808) 841-1240
  • NCNS Environmental: (808) 847-7875

For more information call the Department of Heath at (808) 586-4226.

Instructions for Disposing Medical Needles (Sharps)

  • Sharps should be stored in a strong, leak proof plastic container, such as a laundry detergent bottle.
  • The container should be clearly marked “BIOHAZARD”.
  • When the container is full, it should be filled with one part bleach and ten parts water and allowed to soak for 20 minutes.
  • The solution should then be poured into a sink, and the container should be sealed with its original cap. As a safety measure, heavy duty tape should be placed on the cap
  • Dispose of the container in your regular household trash.

Prescription Medication Take Back Events

The Kauai Police Department now hosts medication drop boxes through the Hawaii Medication Drop Box Program. Boxes are located at the Kauai Police Department Headquarters in Lihue at 3990 Kaana Street.

Please have all medication packaged in a clear plastic bag. Tablets, capsules, and all other solid forms of medication- prescription or nonprescription- including patches, are accepted.The service is free and anonymous. For information on the medication drop bod program, please call 241-1681.

Needles and syringes are not accepted.

Bins are for residential use only, no businesses allowed.


Lieutenant Scott Brede and Sgt. Sandy Wakumoto standing next to Kauai Police Department medication drop boxes.

KPD's Lt. Scott Brede and Sgt. Sandy Wakumoto stand next to KPD's new medication drop box at Police Headquarters, 3990 Kaʻana Street, in Lihue. The public is asked to place medication in a clear bag before disposing in the drop box.


The Drug Enforcement Administration continues to coordinate a bi-annual take back events for expired medication. Events are tentatively scheduled for the 4th Saturday in October and April of each year. Events are at Kauai Police Department Headquarters from 10 am to 2 pm. 

For more information visit or call (808) 541-1930.