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Public Works - Building Division Information

Mission Statement
The Division of Buildings is responsible for facility development and code development and enforcement.  All programs are responsible for providing the people of Kauai with safely constructed public and private facilities.

Division Goals

  • To develop new facilities to replace old, dilapidated, overcrowded buildings and structures.
  • To ensure that the minimum construction standards contained within the Kauai County Codes, and referenced building trade codes, are adhered to.
  • Continually update the Kauai County Code to meet current building industry codes, which reflect the latest industry standards, and changing technologies.
  • Provide effective training and adequate staffing to increase the efficiency of services to the public in the review, issuance, and enforcement of building, electrical, plumbing, and sign permits.
  • Provide necessary services in the preparation, and management of construction contracts.

Program Descriptions

  • Administration - The Building Division's Administrative Section manages facility development and construction. The Section also oversees the operation of the Building Codes Enforcement Section.  
  • Building Code Enforcement Section - The Building Code Enforcement Section is responsible for the review of projects to ensure compliance and enforcement, of the all applicable building trade codes and ordinances, related to building construction. as the central coordination agency in the building permitting process, the program is responsible for the circulation and consolidation of comments from County, State, and Federal agencies, prior to permit approval. The program is also responsible for building, electrical, plumbing, and sign code enforcement inspection, as part of the permitting process.