Summary of the Residential Refuse Collection Assessment

Administrative service for Kauai County’s Residential Refuse Collection Assessment has temporarily changed due to COVID19. To add or change service, please call 241-4091 and your account will be managed by our staff using email, mail, and the drop box at the DMV.  Our staff who is available by phone Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 4:30. Walk in services has temporarily ceased, but customer service continues to be timely.

Kauai County’s Residential Refuse Collection Assessment (RRCA) is a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Program, or Variable Rate for Refuse Collection. The PAYT Ordinance 975 was passed by the Kauai County Council in October 2014 and went into effect in July 2015.  A PDF of the ordinance is attached below. 

The RRCA is collected as a separate line item on the Real Property Tax Bill. 

All properties in the County that are classified as eligible for refuse collection services provided by the Department of Public Works shall receive a refuse collection assessment according to the schedule below.

  1. Base Assessment: covers the use of Refuse Transfer Stations = $6 / month per Benefited Property .The Base Assessment will be charged regardless of whether the dwelling unit is occupied, and will be charged if you opt out of collection.
  2. Pay As You Throw Refuse Collection Assessment:
    • Automated Curbside Refuse Collection: One 64-gallon Cart = $4 / month per Benefited Property (+ $6 Base Assess. = $10 total monthly fee)
    • Automated Curbside Refuse Collection: One 96-gallon Cart = $12 / month per Benefited Property (+ $6 Base Assess. = $18 total monthly fee)
  3. Additional Collection Carts:
    • Automated Curbside Refuse Collection: Each 64-gallon Cart = $10 / month per Benefited Property
    • Automated Curbside Refuse Collection: Each 96-gallon Cart = $18 / month per Benefited Property

Benefited Property: a property on which there is a dwelling unit or units. Multiple units on a single property shall each be considered a separate benefited property. If you have any questions regarding the number of dwelling units on your property, please contact Real Property Assessments at (808) 241-4224.

Low Income: Any residence that qualifies for a low income exemption under Section 5A-11.4 (d) of the Kaua'i County Code shall automatically receive a 50% reduction in the applicable refuse collection assessment.

Failure to make RRCA payments shall constitute a lien on the property and will also trigger penalties as provided in Chapter 5A, Article 5 of the County Code 1987, as amended.  

If you are interested in changing your cart size, property owners can download the application form below, or contact the Solid Waste Division at 241-4091 for more information. 

PAYT is a variable rate for refuse collection service under which residents are charged for service in relation to the volume of the refuse cart requested by the customer.  This "fee-for-service" option provides an economic incentive to the customer for reducing trash and increasing recycling and waste diversion behaviors.  PAYT is utilized by more than 7,000 communities across the nation.  The program is recommended in the Kauai County Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, and is endorsed by the EPA which funded the development of the attached PAYT plan for the County of Kauai.  PAYT provides equitable rates for customers who divert waste.  The program is anticipated to reduce residential disposal by 17%.


If you have questions about the program, contact the Solid Waste Division at (808) 241-4091 or (808) 241-4840.

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