Sports Leagues

Returning leagues have priority for their same dates and locations in an upcoming year. All leagues (new & returning) must apply for a permit before posted deadline.

For field and outdoor court reservations, all leagues and teams/clubs applying for a permit will be required to submit an application which can be found below.

Leagues will receive priority for adhering to the seasonal application acceptance period:

  • Fall Season (August 1-December 31) – First 10 Business Days of May
  • Winter/Spring Season (January 1-April 15) – First 10 Business Days of October
  • Summer Season (April 16-July 31) – First 10 Business Days of January

Any applications received outside of this window must be submitted and considered complete no later than 30 days before the first event (e.g., practice).

Leagues must submit a new application to obtain a permit for each individual scheduled season. Applicants are asked to submit their permit applications through the webportal below.

Application Process

Step 1.Complete the Application through the portal below. If any sections are left blank or incomplete, your application will not be accepted. You should have ready:

  • League contact information (name, address, phone number, email);
  • Season information (first & last day of season); and
  • List of field(s) being requested.

Step 2.You will also need to attach:

  • Current Certificate of Insurance; and
  • Field schematics (diagrams showing size and layouts of lining).

Step 3.Staff will then contact the league representative through the portal to follow up with questions or next steps.

Game schedules are due through the portal 30 days before the first game.

All communication will be through the portal.

Applicants are responsible for being familiar with:

  • the Rules and Regulations on the Use of Sports Fields/Stadium Facilities and Playgrounds; and
  • the Insurance Requirements for Sports Leagues & Special Events on County Facilities.


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