Office of the Mayor


Mayor's Office August 2023

The mission of the Office of the Mayor is to carry out the vision for Kaua'i by directing the management of all executive departments, offices and agencies. The Office of the Mayor also serves as a liaison between the County Council and administration and facilitates the County's State and Federal legislative agendas. We support all boards and commissions, respond to citizen concerns, and coordinate internal communications among departments and external communications with the general public and partnering government agencies. In addition, the Office of the Mayor manages the county's capital improvement program.

Event, Speech, Proclamation/Certificate Request Form

Office of the Mayor Request Form for Event Attendance, Keynote Speaker, and/or Official Congratulatory Document (Proclamations and Certificates)

Policy for Congratulatory Documents(PDF, 658KB)

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Contact Information

Derek Kawakami
    Reiko Matsuyama
    Sarah Blane

Derek S.K. Kawakami


Reiko Matsuyama
Managing Director


Sarah K. Blane
Chief of Staff


Office of the Mayor
4444 Rice St., Suite 235
Lihue, HI 96766
TEL: 808-241-4900
FAX: 808-241-6877