Elections Accessibility Needs Advisory Committee

The purpose of the advisory committee shall be to ensure equal and independent access to voter registration, casting of ballots and all other county elections division services.

The advisory committee shall meet at least annually to review election procedures, services, and technology and access to information, and shall make recommendations to the office of elections on at least an annual basis.

The advisory committee consists of five members appointed by the Mayor based on recommendations from organizations within the county that are comprised of a majority of officers and members who are persons with physical disabilities including visual impairments. Each member shall identify as a voter with special needs arising from physical disabilities including visual and hearing impairments which requires an accommodation to vote. Members are appointed to staggered four year terms.

For more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Elections Accessibility Needs Advisory Committee, please refer to Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 11-10.6.

Meeting Time/Location:  Meet as needed

For more information on upcoming meetings, please refer to the calendar on the Boards and Commissions home page.


  • Kimberly Blaum, Chair
  • Joseph Thomson, Vice Chair
  • Marjorie Works



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