Building Permits

 Electronic Plan Review
Electronic Plan Review

Kauai County General Plan
General Plan

The Kauai General Plan, Commission information, projects and document search.

Zoning & Land Use Permits - permit forms and information from the Planning Department.

Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation for the island of Kauai.

Building Permit Guide - a quick start guide to obtaining building permits, including forms and frequently asked questions.
Building Permit Status - get status on application processing, plan tracking, inspections and more.
Electronic Plan Review - applicant guide and other information for submitting plans electronically.

Provides general engineering and surveying services for the department of Public Works. The division administers grading, grubbing, stockpiling, flood plain ordinance, speed hump ordinance, and driveway approach ordinance.

Grading / Grubbing / Stockpiling Permits - permit forms and information for grading, grubbing and stockpiling.
Driveway Approach Permit - permits for driveway approach.

Other Permits

Hawaii Department of Health - permits and licenses, including burn permits.
Department of Water - forms and applications.
Kauai Fire Department - permits for fireworks, temporary structures and above/under ground tank installation and removal.
Camping Permits - permit forms and information for camping.