RISE Initiative

Mayor Derek S.K. Kawakami’s
RISE Logo and Initiative 2018-2026

The RISE Logo is a graphic representation of our aspiration to RISE to the expectations of our community.



There are TWO simple guiding principles of this administration:

  1. Guardianship:

    Taking care of what we have; and

  2. Innovation:Finding new ways to modernize our systems or processes to create efficiencies and cost-effectiveness


With that strategic direction in mind, we have identified six keys to success:

  1. Our Mobility:

    Our goal is to ensure we have safe roads for all modes of transportation and eco-friendly options to travel through our daily lives.

  2. Our Home:

    Our goal is to have safe and decent housing for local residents, where our public spaces are a welcoming and inclusive gathering place for all.

  3. Our Connections:

    We understand that excellent public service is the outcome of a caring person in a working environment that supports teamwork and continuous improvement.

  4. Our Money:

    Public funds are used carefully to meet our needs. We account for every dollar and invest wisely for our future.

  5. Our Freedom:

    To enjoy what life in our community has to offer and we take responsibility to engage one another with empathy and respect.

  6. Our Heart:
    We are supported to discover our best selves as a community.