Kauai Fire Department

Department Head

Michael R. Gibson

Michael R. Gibson

Mission Statement
"To preserve and protect life, property, and the environment of the Kaua'i County from all hazards and emergencies."

KFD Vision
"Kaua'i Fire Department creates a safer community by continually striving for excellence in prevention and emergency response"

  • Access/Water Supply Building Clearance Form

  • Firecracker Permit

  • Fuel Tank Permit

  • Temporary Structure Permit

Call or email Kauaʻi Fire Department Prevention Bureau at 808-241-4985 or kfdpreventionbureau@kauai.gov for:

  • Fireworks Retail License
  • Fireworks Public Display Permit

Customers requesting a copy of an incident of fire report, may do so via email to kfd@kauai.gov.  Please be sure to include the name of the person (s) involved in the incident along with the date, time, and location of such incident.


Call or email Kauaʻi Fire Department Prevention Bureau at 808-241-4985 or kfdpreventionbureau@kauai.gov