Out of State License Transfers

You may drive in Hawaii with a valid driver’s license issued by another state if you are 18 years of age or older. If you wish to transfer your out of state driver’s license to a Hawaii Driver License, you must comply with the following:

Requirements before the expiration of your out of state license

Step 1.Provide proof of Legal Presence.

Step 2.Provide proof of Principle Residence (Two Documents Required).

Step 3.Complete a Driver's License Application(PDF, 365KB) that is also available at the Kauai DMV .

Step 4.Be 18 Years of Age or Older.

Step 5.Present Proof of your Social Security Number with an original Social Security Card that has the printed name of the applicant. Please note we do not accept photo copies of the Social Security Cards. You may also use one of the following as proof of your Social Security Number:

  • SSA 1099 form from previous year with complete SS# printed

  • Paystub with complete SS# printed

  • A Military Identification Card or an original DD-214

  • W-2 from previous year with complete SS# printed

Step 6.Your out of state driver license must be cleared from all stoppers.

Step 7.Surrender your valid plastic drivers license that was issued by the other state. If you do not have the plastic driver's license you may be required to apply as a new applicant, requiring you to pass a 30 question multiple choice examination and pass a road test. The testing fees will be collected before the tests are administered.

Sign a notification letter, addressed to the administrator of the out of state driver license bureau, stating you are applying for a Hawaii Driver's License and you have voluntarily surrendered your out of state driver's license. Upon complying and after payment of the fee Kauai County Fee Chart(DOCX, 22KB). you will be issued a Hawaii Driver's License.