Personalized/Organizational License Plates

If you are a County of Kauai resident, you may use this Personalized Plate Look Up to check for plate availability. Please use this website to check for availability only, you will not be allowed to order nor place any guarantee on the plates.

With an appointment, you may apply for a Personalized/Organizational license plate at our Motor Vehicle & Licensing Office.

The following lists the requirements to obtain a Personalized/Organizational license plate:

Step 1.The registered owner must complete and sign an Application for Special Number Plates (only provided in office).To apply for organizational plates, please use this form Organizational License Plates(PDF, 58KB).

Step 2.The fee to order a Special License Plate is $60.00 and is not prorated.

Step 3.Organizational plates are $30.50; Haleakala & Volcano NP plates are $35.50; America United plates are $5.50.

Step 4.If more than one application for the same special plate is received, the application first processed will have priority.

Step 5.You will be notified by mail within three (3) months when the plates are ready for pickup. At that time, you will be asked to:

  • Submit the vehicle's current Certificate of Registration.
  • Pay an emblem replacement fee of $0.50 and plate replacement fee of $5.00 to update your plate information.
  • Renew your vehicle's registration if it has expired or will expire within 45 days.
  • Submit your vehicle's current or temporary State of Hawaii Safety Inspection Certificate.
  • Submit both your vehicle's current front and back license plates.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when ordering special license plates:
Limited to six letters, numerals, or combination thereof.

  • Only one hyphen is allowed in addition to the six letter-number combination. The hyphen may be used to replace a letter or number. No other punctuation marks are allowed.
  • If the requested license plate is in any way misleading, publicly objectionable or a letter-number combination like our regular issued plates, the application will be denied.
  • A space is counted as one character in the six character combination.

Please note: After the special plates are issued, a $60.00 annual charge will be added to your registration fees upon each renewal of the vehicle registration. The plates are valid until the design of the license plate is changed.

If you plan to sell or transfer your vehicle and wish to retain your special license plates contact our Motor Vehicle & Licensing Office @ for instructions.