Bike Path Project

In 1994, the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation completed a statewide master plan. Based on public input at community meetings on Kauaʻi, a 16-mile coastal bike and pedestrian trail from Nawiliwili to Anahola was included in the plan.

Ahukini-Lydgate-Bike-Path Project

Lihue Civic Center Site Improvements Master Plan

  • Lihue Civic Center Site Improvements Master Plan (10/12/2007)
    Final Environmental Assessment of the Lihue Civic Center Site Improvements Master Plan, dated September 2007. Please see appendix and chapter downloads below.
  • Lihue Civic Center Site Improvements Draft Environmental Assessment (7/19/2007)
    Draft Environmental Assessment for the Lihue Civic Center Site Improvements. Published by OEQC on July 23, 2007. Comments deadline is August 22, 2007.
  • Slideshow Presentation to County Council(PDF, 5MB) (12/16/2005)
    Lihue Civic Center site improvements draft master plan, presented at a Kauai County Council workshop on December 14, 2005. Entails project description, overview of issues, constraints and opportunities, a draft master plan, public survey results, and more.

Lihue Civic Center Site Improvements Final Master Plan

Title Description Modified Date
FMP Chapter 1(PDF, 6MB) Introduction 2/23/2010
FMP Chapter 2(PDF, 7MB) Site Analysis & Planning Issues 3/11/2008
FMP Chapter 3(PDF, 2MB) Existing Land Use Regulations 3/11/2008
FMP Chapter 4(PDF, 51KB) Vision & Goals 3/11/2008
FMP Chapter 5(PDF, 4MB) Master Plan 3/11/2008
FMP Chapter 6(PDF, 249KB) Implementation 3/11/2008
FMP Chapter 7(PDF, 63KB) References & Sources 3/11/2008
FMP Appendix A(PDF, 145KB) American Institute of Architects-Honolulu Chapter Design Charrette (2002) 2/23/2010
FMP Appendix B(PDF, 165KB) Site Improvements Questionnaire & Results 2/23/2010
FMP Appendix C(PDF, 178KB) Draft Master Plan Public Comments & Feedback 2/23/2010
FMP Appendix D(PDF, 6MB) Traffic Study 2/23/2010
FMP Appendix E(PDF, 307KB) Parking Study 2/23/2010
FMP Appendix F(PDF, 3MB) Phasing Plan & Cost Estimates 2/23/2010
FMP Appendix G(PDF, 153KB) External Funding Sources & Grant Programs 2/23/2010
FMP Appendix H(PDF, 266KB) Innovative Stormwater Management 2/23/2010

Lihue Civic Center Site Improvements Draft Environmental Assessment

Modified Date - 2/23/2010

DEA Chapter 1(PDF, 4MB)

DEA Chapter 2(PDF, 2MB)

DEA Chapter 3(PDF, 5MB)

DEA Chapter 4(PDF, 5MB)

DEA Chapter 5(PDF, 412KB)

DEA Chapter 6(PDF, 82KB)

DEA Chapter 7(PDF, 84KB)

DEA Chapter 8(PDF, 62KB)

DEA Appendix A(PDF, 6MB)

DEA Appendix B(PDF, 577KB)