Refuse Collection



The County of Kaua‘i offers Pay As You Throw (PAYT) variable rates for refuse collection. A 64 gallon refuse cart is $10 per month, and a 96 gallon refuse cart is $18 per month. Service is once per week, with no change in schedule for holidays.

Service is billed as a line item on the Real Property Tax bill. Service changes can be made at six 6 month increments, coinciding with the tax billing cycle. For more information, call (808) 241-4091.

Administrative service for Kauai County’s Residential Refuse Collection Assessment has temporarily changed due to COVID19. To add or change service, please call 241-4091 and your account will be managed by our staff using email, mail, and the drop box at the DMV. Our staff who is available by phone Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 4:30. Walk in services has temporarily ceased, but customer service continues to be timely.

To find out what your refuse day is, enter your street name on the Refuse Collection Day Lookup page

Please see brochures containing information on the collection and instructions for use. Please click on the following links to view the brochures:

64-gallon brochure(PDF, 605KB)

96-gallon brochure(PDF, 500KB)

For more information on automated refuse pickup and the County's refuse collection program, please call (808) 241-4091.

Pursuant to the Kauai County Code, Chapter 21, the rules regarding proper use of refuse carts are as follows:

  • Carts must be put out for collection the night before the scheduled pick-up day. Carts that are not out the night before WILL NOT be picked-up.
  • The cart lid must be in the fully closed position prior to pickup.
  • Trash should only be placed in your assigned refuse cart.
  • Only trash inside the cart will be picked-up.
  • All trash must be bagged prior to being placed in refuse carts.
  • Only dry trash should be placed in refuse carts. Liquids must be drained or absorbed prior to placing in carts.
  • Carts must be placed at least 5 feet away from any object such as mailboxes, fences, poles, and fire hydrants, with at least 16 feet of clearance above, subject to variance approved by the County of Kauai.
  • When carts are placed in a row, on cul-de-sacs for example, carts must be 3 feet apart, subject to variance approved by the County of Kauai.
  • Refuse carts should be removed from the curbside as soon as possible after the collection is completed.

If you receive a tag on your cart for any violation, you will need to transport your trash to the nearest transfer station or landfill.

Call the County Recycling Office at 241-4841 for a FREE composting bin. Reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill and RECYCLE! Visit recycling for more information.

Refuse Collection FAQs

What happens if my cart is damaged or stolen?

To report a missing/stolen cart or a cart damaged by vandalism, please submit an online report with the Kauai Police department by clicking here.  If your cart is damaged during pickup, we will replace or repair it.  To have your cart repaired or replaced, or report your missing/stolen cart with your police report number, call 808-241-4841.

Why did the County switch to automated refuse collection service?

Automated collection is more efficient and less costly. It reduces worker injuries, street side litter, and improves neighborhood aesthetics.

What if I want another cart?

If you want an additional cart, fees will apply. Call 241-4091 for info.

Will I have to pay every time I go to the Refuse Transfer Stations (RTS)?

No, every dwelling unit is assessed a $6 per month base fee which helps to cover the cost of operating the RTS's.

I am the only occupant of my home and don't create much garbage. I take what little I generate to the Lihue Refuse Transfer Station. Can I decline collection service?

Yes you may. The base fee of $6 per month will still apply. The base fee helps to cover the costs to operate the Refuse Transfer Stations. Requests to opt out of service shall be applied in conjunction with the 6 month Real Property billing cycle. Property owners call 241-4091 or visit our office at 4444 Rice Street, Suite 295 to obtain a application form to opt out of refuse collection service.

Is there a specific place I should place my cart outside?

Cart placement should be the same location refuse was previously placed for pickup. At the time of delivery, the crew will use spray paint to mark the location to place the bin for refuse service. Cart should be placed 5 feet from obstructions like trees and mailboxes.

How much trash/what size is the cart?

The cart has a 96-gallon capacity which is equivalent to three regular 32 gallon trash cans used in manual collection. The 64-gallon cart is equivalent to two regular 32 trash cans.

Do I get to keep my cart even if I move?

No, the cart is County owned and assigned to the homeowner. If you are a renter and you move, you must leave the cart at the homeowners designated property.

Can I put all my trash in the cart?

Certain items are NOT accepted: Appliances, Computers/Electronic Equipment, Construction Debris, Concrete, Engine parts, Furniture, Green Waste (oversized), Liquid Hazardous Waste, Motor Oil, Propane Tanks, Televisions, Tires, Scrap Metal, Soil and Rocks, Used Cooking Oil. For more information on where to recycle these items, call the Recycling Office at 241-4841.

Is this the same program as curbside recycling?

No, at this time we will not be implementing curbside recycling. We encourage all residents to bring their recyclables to the closest Kauai Recycles drop bin as well as visit recycling for more information on what can be recycled on Kauai.

What day is my trash pickup?

Please visit the Refuse Collection Day Lookup page and enter your street name to find the refuse collection day in your area, or call 241-4091.

64-gallon cart size

  • The fee for this cart size is $10 per month billed to the property owner, through the Real Property Tax Office.
  • If you'd like to increase your cart size to 96 gallons @ $18 per month, please call 241-4091 for further details.

96-gallon cart size

  • The fee for this cart size is $18 per month billed to the property owner, through the Real Property Tax Office.
  • If you'd like to downsize to a 64 gallon cart @ $10 per month, please call 241-4091 for further details.