Solid Waste Division

Kekaha Landfill will close early on Friday, December 15 to accommodate a community-sponsored event.  The Landfill will open at 8:00 am and close at 2:00 pm.  Mahalo for your cooperation and understanding.

Hanapēpē Update: Motor Oil & Propane Tanks

• Starting August 23, residential used motor oil and propane tanks will be accepted for recycling at the top area of the transfer station on Wednesdays only.

• The trash chute remains closed until further notice. Officials anticipate repairs to the trash chute will be completed around December. However, updates will be announced if this timeline changes.

• Until the trash chute is repaired, bagged trash is being accepted at the lower area of the facility.

• All other services, including green waste and metal recycling remain available, weather permitting.

• Customers needing to dispose of loose mixed waste are being directed to the Kekaha Landfill. For more information, please visit, email or call 808-241-4841.

Current Solid Waste Closures

Kapa‘a Refuse Transfer Station - No Closures.

Hanalei Refuse Transfer Station -No Closures.

Kekaha Landfill - No Closures.  No scrap metal or propane tanks accepted (large appliances only)

Līhu‘e Refuse Transfer Station - No Closures.  No scrap metal or appliances accepted.

Hanapēpē Refuse Transfer Station - Bagged trash only, motor oil or propane tank recycling available only on Wednesdays. 

Collection Delays: 


Commercial Pesticide Take-Back Program

The County of Kaua‘i announces an upcoming Commercial Pesticide Take-back program sponsored by the State Department of Agriculture. See attached flyer and list of accepted and unaccepted materials. The program’s aim is to provide a safe and environmentally friendly pesticide disposal opportunity to commercial entities seeking to dispose of canceled, suspended, unwanted, or unlabeled pesticides.

Date: January 27, from 8 AM to 3 PM

Location: Kapaʻa at the end of Kahau Road past the Kapaʻa Skate Park: 4900 Kahau Rd.

Pre-Registration Deadline: January 4 at 4:30 PM

Registration forms and submission information along with program details can be found here-

Businesses that need more information can contact the Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Disposal Program Project Manager Adam Williams at 808-973-9408 or email


Program Description

Administration - This level of the program provides the support and the personnel to manage and direct the solid Waste Division (SWD). Tasks include maintenance of division records, developing and maintaining systems to gather program data and information, preparation and monitoring of contracts, monitoring design and construction of CIPs, and maintaining operation of a professional solid waste organization. This program is also responsible for:

  1. Overall administration of solid waste disposal programs
  2. Planning of new or expansion of solid waste disposal facilities and closure or post closure care for closed facilities.
  3. Research, planning and design of source reduction, recycling, special waste management, and public education/awareness programs.
  4. Promoting infrastructure, markets, and end uses for recycled materials.

Landfill Program - The Landfill Program provides for the disposal of residential and Subtitle “D” commercial solid waste at the Kekaha Phase II Landfill. The Landfill is operated utilizing County labor; with environmental monitoring, project management, and quality assurance and control provided by Waste Management Inc.

Greenwaste Diversion Program - The greenwaste Program was created to divert residential and commercial greenwaste from the landfill. The County currently accepts source-separated greenwaste for diversion at all four transfer stations and at the landfill.

Refuse Collections - All Kauai residents transitioned to automated refuse collection in July 2015. Consisting of one truck driver, refuse is collected five days a week including holidays starting at 4:30 am and ending normally about 12:00 pm. There are eight main collectors servicing the entire island. Any questions, please call 241-4091.

Refuse Transfer Stations (RTS) - Operating hours are 7:15 am to 3:15 pm, 7 days a week except for County Holidays. A two-man crew staffs RTS's at Hanalei, Kapaa and Hanapepe; a three-man crew staffs the Lihue RTS. Collection crews deliver refuse to the RTS. Refuse is loaded into high cube (65 to 75 cubic yard capacity) trailers and delivered to the Kekaha Landfill.

Recycling and Waste Management Programs - This level of the program is responsible for implementing:

  1. Source reduction, reuse and recycling programs
  2. Special waste management programs including appliances, tires, household batteries, used motor oil, and household hazardous waste disposal.
  3. Public education/awareness program.

Program Objectives

  1. To maintain public health and safety
  2. Provide reliable and sustainable refuse collection, recycling, transfer, and disposal systems for management of solid waste on Kauai.
  3. Support the recovery of reusable or recyclable resources from the waste stream.
  4. Maintain the County Subtitle D landfill in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and County regulations.


Contact Information

Department of Public Works
Solid Waste Division

4444 Rice Street, Suite 295
Lihue, HI 96766

Tel: (808) 241-4841
Fax: (808) 241-6204